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  • Hash 1166 - 24/10/18

  • The Volunteer - Yealmpton

    Hare: Ah-so
    Hare: Sushi
    Dogs?: On Lead At Times
  • _________
  • Hash 1167 - 31/10/18

  • Totnes RFC - Totnes

    Hare: Squashed Balls
    Hare: -
    RA: Who ever gets back!
    Scribe: -
    Dogs?: On Lead At Times
  • _________

The South Hams Hash House Harriers (SH4) run every Wednesday rain or shine, daylight or pitch black, every week of the year. We meet at 7:30pm, normally at a South Hams pub.  New members and visitors are always welcome. We are a very social running group – the oft quoted description of Hashes as “Clubs for Drinkers with a Running Problem” certainly applies to us.

The idea of Hashing is that the pack follow a (normally) pre-laid route over as much off road trail as possible. If there’s mud and water involved, so much the better.  A good Hash will have different routes (splits) to allow Hashers of differing speeds to reach the end at a similar time so it’s quite an inclusive activity.

SH4 caters for everyone, from young children to octogenarians and anyone from fast walkers to dedicated runners. There is always at least one “long/short split” where less athletic Hashers can take the “short” option and the more athletic can “go long”.

If you’d like to join us, just turn up – see our Events Calendar for where to go.  Your first run is free. After that it’s £1 a run or £40 a calendar year..

In addition to Wednesday nights, the South Hams Hash enjoys a regular social scene including weekend events and irregular informal cycle rides under the POSH (Pedalbashers Of South Hams) banner.

Scribes to send their Words to

Attention all Scribes and Hashers in General   Please send your missives, stories, untruths, fabrications and downright misrepresentations of the weekly Hash's events straight to the current Words Master Barbie using:   To ease confusion, this will...

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User Login Woes

There's been some confusion amongst the some members of the Hasherati about logging into the SH4 Website.  The Website uses Wordpress to operate, one of the most popular and secure Website software platforms and there's nothing more complicated about logging into our...

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Online Membership Payments Now Live!

Hashers can now pay their Annual or Quarterly Memberships online on the SH4 Website. You just select the length of Membership that you want. Remember to add in the Nerd (real) Names and Hash Names of everyone included in the payment in the "Special Instructions"...

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We’ve gone all Green Padlocky….

Look in your browser address bar when you're on the SH4 website and you'll now see a Green Padlock.  This means the secure version of SH4's website is active.  We've done this for 2 reasons. We're moving towards accepting online Card Payments for Hash Memberships and...

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“The Words” Email List – Important Changes

The mismanagement Committee have looked at ways to make the distribution of The Words more efficient.  Manually adding Hasher's Email addresses to a distribution list was time consuming and often inaccurate.  Occasionally, Hasher's personal Email details were...

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Website Volunteers Needed

There's a lot of historical information to go onto the website, if you can help it'd be great.  You don't need to be techy, just able to be confident in using a computer and have reliable web access.  I can show you what to do.  Contact The Jerk if you can help!

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