Hasher’s Hashes Hashed

Every time you complete a Hash we record your achievement. There’s a free Milestone T-Shirt available for those reaching multiples of 100 Hashes.  However, to make this recording easy for us, PLEASE make sure you get seen by one of the Hon Secs after the Hash so that they can record your effort.  There’s no difference between doing the short or long or walking, being a SCB or an FRB, you’ll still get the Hash counted if you get back to the Pub.  Hares still get the count, even if they don’t go all the way around on the actual Hash, they’ve laid the Trail so they get the Hash!

If you’re new to the Hash, make sure you make yourself known to the Hon Secs and that they have all of your details so that your effort is recorded.

In the grand scheme of things, does it matter if you don’t get recorded? It’s up to you, if you want all of your Hashes recorded, make sure you’re noticed, if not, don’t.

  • The Milestone hash totals shown below are NOT auto-generated and will be updated every so often.
  • Accurate figures rely on the Hon Sec seeing you in the Pub or on the Hash, there’s a lot of names for them to look out for or remember. Make it easier for them by saying Hi and checking in with them in the pub after the Hash.
  • “But I WAS on that Hash 3 years ago and you’ve missed it off my totals…”.  Oops, sorry, bad luck, make yourself more visible to the Hon Secs.
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Hasher’s Hashes Hashed

Last updated on 29/01/2020 to include Hashes to 12th Dec 2019 Hash 1233