Mismanagement Committee

It’s all “organised” by the Mismanagement Committee who get coerced into their roles at the yearly AGPU.  It’s like an AGM but with beer, better known as the Annual General Piss Up.  Some of these roles are a little fluid, so if you’ve been missed off the list and want to be included, please say so!

There’s also several Hashers who do lots of behind the scenes work to make things happen, you know who you are!

Grand Master

Re Entry

Calls everyone to order at the start of the Hash.  Nominally in charge of the Mis Management Committee.  Female post holders are known as the Grand Mattress for some reason

Hash Cash

Dim Wit

Collects money from the ‘Weekly Payers’ at the Hash and moans at everyone for not paying their Quarterly or Annual subscription on time.  Keeps an eagle eye of the Hash’s Cash.  He’s got a lovely car.

Hash Words


Co-ordinates the writing and distribution of the weekly Words (Hash report) created by the Hash Scribes. Scrbes to send their missives to thewords@sh4.org.uk

Hash Web

The Jerk

Sits up all night drinking coffee so you can see this website.

Social Sec


Attempts to organise an intoxication in a Brewery.

Hash Flash


Official Hash Snapper.  Try their best to get fantastic action shots of people out in the beautiful countryside.  Normally this goes out of the window and we get photos of people drinking in the pub.

On Sec

Twisted Sister

Keeps a note of who attends which Hash, makes sure the AGPU runs smoothly. Does lots of important backroom stuff that most Hashers neither know nor care about unless it doesn’t get done.

Hare Razer

Running Late

Co-ordinates the Hash Trail diary.  They love people coming up to say “I’d like to lay a Hash, what do I have to do?”

Hare Razer

Nice Buns

Co-ordinates the Hash Trail diary.  They love people coming up to say “I’d like to lay a Hash, what do I have to do?”

Organisational Roles

There’s always plenty of jobs to be done.  These Hashers pitch in to make things happen.


Hash Scribes
Write a weekly news report of the Hash trail.  Normally a candid and largely fictitious account of what happened out on the trail.  All Hashers should take a turn in this, normally in alphabetical order.

Hash Haberdash

Hash Haberdashery

Organises ‘official’ SH4 Hash embroidered clothing and run T shirts.  Just click on this link to order your named Hash branded clothing.


By rough rotation, Goolie, Squashed Balls, The Jerk, Overshot, Ah-So give a verbal report about the Hash in the pub straight after the Hash. Generally around 98.2% of anything said will have no relation to actual events that happened. May incite a naming or give out Down Downs for whatever takes their fancy. New RAs always welcomed to the fold.