It’s All In A Name

Hash Names

For reasons lost in Hashing History, it’s traditional for Hashers to be given a Hash Name at some point.  It’s often said that there are no rules in Hashing, however, there are a couple of guidelines used in SH4.

  1. You can’t choose your own name. Ever.
  2. See Rule 1
  3. If you complain about your name, you’ll be given a worse one. Guaranteed.

How Are The Names Chosen?

This varies by Hash, but normally it will be as a result of something you do, (in or out of the Hash), something you say or whatever made up reason it is decided is suitable.  Hashers normally get named after a Hash during the RA’s speech.  It’s preferred that names are not just dolled out, they should be earned after a period of getting to know the new Hasher.

Rarely, someone gets named straight away, e.g. a couple of years ago a Virgin was on their first Hash with us running along the Coastal Path, he tripped and fell over a cliff.  He was called Cliff Hanger straight away (we think he was ok afterwards).  It maybe that the RA makes some name suggestions and one is the most popular with the assembled group.  Other times an off the cuff remark shouted from the crowd is enough to waylay the best laid plans of the RA.  That’s how it goes.  See Rule 1 above.

We try to be inventive with the Names at SH4, there may be a few double entendres, but (unlike some Hashes) rarely anything too coarse, we are a friendly family Hash after all.  Sometimes a name may be related to a Hasher’s partner’s Hash name, but this is normally avoided as it can be tricky if they split up!