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First Point Of Contact

As a first point of contact for general enquiries, please contact our GM (Grand Master) by sending an email to

Website Login Issues (SH$ Members only)

If you’re a Member of SH4 and are having Log In issues please try the following BEFORE contacting the Webmaster. You will be asked if you have!

To date, the vast majority of issues with logging onto the website has been people using the wrong username which will be in the format FirstnameLastname, it is CaSE sENsitIvE and space sensitive. Freda Jones’ login name will be FredaJones which is NOT the same as Freda Jones, Freda jones or fredajones

Email: Use the email you gave us.
Password. You can request to reset your Password if you’ve lost it.

If you keep trying with the wrong credentials, the Website will block you as it thinks you’re trying to break in. Go away, make a cuppa and come back in 30 mins when the automated block will have been removed. Serious offenders may find themselves fully blocked not by by this website but by our Hosting Company. If this happens you won’t be able to see the site at all. You’ll need to send your IP address to the SH4 webmaster to get it unblocked.

You can change your password to one you prefer at any time – to do this, once you’re logged in, go to your profile page. Scroll down your profile page and you’ll eventually come to Account Management where you can generate a new password for yourself or type in your own.