Next Hashes

  • Hash 1215 - 21/08/19

  • Harford Road- Snail Car Park - Ivybridge

    Hare: Barbarella
    Hare: To Be Confirmed
    RA: To Be Confirmed
    Scribe: To Be Confirmed
    Dogs?: On Lead At Times
  • _________
  • Hash 1216 (BBQ Hash) - 28/08/19

  • The Square - Ermington

    Hare: Running Late
    Hare: Shirtlifter
    RA: TBC
    Scribe: TBC
    Dogs?: On Lead At Times
  • _________

The first SH4 Hash was held on May the 6th 1998 at 7:30pm outside Kingsbridge’s Tourist Information Centre.  It was organised by Jeremy ‘Ollie’ Lowe, Tyred Bunny (AKA Geoff Goodyear) and 2 others [Names Needed].

Unfortunately, there’s no recorded Words for SH4’s inaugural Hash, but from Hash 2 the following week, there’s a pretty much complete record.  These are still yet to be scanned in but in the fullness of time, they’ll be added to the archive.

SH4 First Hash Flyer 6th May 1998