Hashes are run 7:30 every Wednesday evening within the boundaries of The South Hams. Please arrive ready to depart at 7:30. Hashing is not competitive; it is not a running club nor is it a Fashion parade. Arriving as though you are about to go on a training run with some Olympians sponsored by a major Athletics apparel producer will be frowned upon and you will certainly be subjected to ridicule.

  1. As part of the hash, you will be expected to lay at least 1 hash a year. Please see hash diary to find available dates to organise a time that would suit both.
  2. A comical reflection on the evening is produced immediately post hash by the RA of the week. Any incidences or notable reactions should be reported to them in secret. There is no such thing as a lie in hash, it is your anonymous interpretation of an event that might be elaborated for descriptive purposes known as our potential fake news.
  3. Each hash is Chronicled in “The Words”, these are done in alphabetical order, please don’t shy away from this, there is no wrong interpretation. If the responsibility falls upon you, please submit your ramblings by the Sunday evening in a Word document to thewords@sh4.org.uk
  4. Hash Subs: £35 per year payable in January, if not paid by Jan 31st you will be asked to pay £1 Weekly. Far better value one standard payment
  5. If you join midway through the year, your first payment will be Pro rata of the remaining year.
  6. After you have been named, you are encouraged to buy some hash attire from the Hash Haberdashery for post runs with your name proudly emblazoned. These details can be found on the website.
  7. Post hash, please respect the pub and don’t enter in muddy clothes and shoes, change into Post hash clothes in the car park and no muddy shoes please
  8. The hash holds an AGM known as the AGPU, please do not shy away from volunteering for a role if one becomes available.

How to Partake

  1. First idea, buddy up, you are responsible for your own personal safety and welfare and partake with this understanding. Running with someone of a similar ability is for your own safety and enjoyment.
  2. If you are prone to getting lost or find yourself regularly running alone, carry a phone.
  3. Head torches for darker evenings are essential. Ask around as to what is a good one to buy as they evolve yearly and are as much a safety device as for guidance.
  4. Prior to departing on the hash, make sure you have turned your T card over to Red to say you are running and make sure it is turned back when you get back to Green.
  5. Call “on on” as often a s possible to alert those behind you of where to go, and those in front know you are safe and well and not f or getting the wonderful word petrol when a car approaches.
  6. The symbols can be found on the group website, please familiarise yourself with them.

Laying a Hash

Whatever the weather, you will be expected to lay the hash, the hash does not stop for even the fiercest of tempests. Trying to lay a hash in inclement weather is not easy, but it is done and can be more fun certainly makes for a good story.

  1. A hash should be laid as an adventurous run that lasts about 1 hour at 3 different ability levels.
    Suggestions are:
    a. A long run between 5 and 6 Miles.
    b. A short run between 2.5 and 3.5 Miles.
    c. A walk, less than 2.5 Miles.
  2. In the Summertime these can be extended as dryer conditions allow for faster running/
  3. A hash course should interlace each other as much as possible to keep the collective Hash spirit alive and together.
  4. As a Hare you will be expected to liaise with the Pub for the following:
    a. Confirm the availability of food menu and how and when the Pub would like this to be ordered.
    b. Availability of 6 x 1/2 Pints of beer for the down downs free of charge, or at a discounted rate. Their incentive to supply 50 plus odd personnel coming in for drinks and food. Most pubs love us.
    c. Is there any area of the Pub or protocol the Landlord would like us to respect We would love to be welcomed back!
  5. If you would like to put on a Beer Stop, this should be towards the end of the course usually just before the On Home OH sign at a time all Hashers come together. This is not compulsory but is in the spirit of hashing.
  6. Make sure you are familiar with the symbols and gestures that can be found on our website.
  7. Hash symbols should be laid in Plain flour or sawdust, even chalk on the road on Dry days.
  8. The symbols should be laid in a challenging fashion, but safe and relatively easy to follow for everyone.
  9. If you are laying over open fields or moor land, double the amount of flour. A trail may seem simple in daylight, at night your field of vision is about 2 meters.
  10. For the hash you lay, you will be expected to Sweep the route, or arrange with another hasher who is familiar with the route to sweep it. Whilst individuals are responsible for their own safety, you are the only person who knows the route and we don’t want to leave anyone out there alone.

What the Hash does for you:

  1. The hash holds three Weekends away each year, Summer Camping, Pre Christmas and a Post Christmas Gala. Each weekend is subsidised by the hash and represent excellent value for money and you are certainly guaranteed to have a super fun time.
  2. If you do put on a beer stop, a donation from the hash of £20 can be claimed, if you would prefer this to go behind the bar for one of the weekends, please let the Hash Cash know.
  3. There will be many photographs taken of you, if you prefer this not to happen, please let Hash Flash know.
  4. Most importantly have fun! It is not a competition; it is about enjoying the outdoors and the company of like minded individuals who are willing to be the butt of the odd joke or two.