Our Hash is a very Child Friendly group and many Hashers bring their Kids or Grand Kids out on the Hash.  It’s a great way to get plenty of fresh air out in the wild and can be a great adventure getting wet and muddy or running about in the woods with a head torch in the moonlight.

However, Parents/Guardians/Carers are responsible for their Children and should stay with them at ALL times. Left on their own, many kids shoot off at top speed leaving their ‘grown ups’ in their wake, take the wrong Long/Short split than their Parents then run out of steam and find themselves on their own.

Whilst it can be a bit worrying being alone in open fields in the summer, it can be downright scary in the dark or thick woodland.  It’s not fair to expect others to look after them when they find them upset, lost and bedraggled in the ‘middle of nowhere’.

Bring your kids AND look after them.

Upcoming Hashes

  • 12/12/18 - Hash 1175
    Sloop Inn
    The Sloop Inn, Bantham, TQ7 3AJ
  • 19/12/18 - Hash 1176
    Dolphin Inn – Dartmouth
    The Dolphin, Dartmouth, TQ6 9QE
  • 26/12/18 - Hash 1177
    Challaborough Bay
    Challaborough Bay, Challaborough, Devon, TQ7 4HU

Recent Hashes