Be Careful Out There

Hopefully you won’t actually die, but it has to be said running off road in all weathers over irregular ground in the dark, crossing streams, bogs and marshes, running along cliff top paths, getting cold and lost on Dartmoor in the winter all have their risks.  Then there’s the Stinging Nettles, Brambles, low hanging branches, Giant Hogweed and Gorse all trying to get you before the snapping Farm dogs and belligerent cattle do.

You Hash At Your Own Risk

For many of us, a major part of the attraction of Hashing is that it involves running and being in places off the beaten track and away from health and safety assessments. However, by coming Hashing, you are accepting the risks involved and taking responsibility for yourself and your actions.  There’s no Marshals to check you in, no Ambulance waiting on standby.

For example, Just because the Trail crosses a river in the dark does not mean it’s safe for you to cross.  Only you can make the decision about what’s safe for you to do or not do. You must be the guardian of your own safety.

SH4 holds Public LiabilityI Insurance for our activities but there is NO Insurance for personal injury or loss.

Buddy Up

If you’re concerned about getting lost or what happens if you get injured, you may want to consider teaming up with some running buddies and always sticking together.  In these situations, it’s often better to run in a minimum of three, one injured, one to stay with the injured and one to get help.

Phone Home

Some Hashers carry a mobile phone, though be aware that sometimes we do go through bogs, streams and rivers and thus a waterproof case may be required to protect your shiny new smartphone. Also remember that mobile phone reception can be poor or non-existent in the rural and moorland areas where we often Hash. You may want to put in the number of the Pub we’re visiting so you can call if you get into trouble.

Emergency Text When No Phone Signal

Also, remember that even when you can’t get a call through, a text may often work instead.  You can also register your phone with the emergency services BEFORE you need them.  See full instructions at

Be careful in the forest

Bring Your Kids, but YOU Must Look After Them

We love having kids on the Hash, really we do.  However, Parents are always totally and solely responsible for the behaviour and safety of their kids.  The Hash is not a creche and no one can be expected to look after your kids when they zoom off away from you and get lost.  Don’t get arsey when they’ve gone astray in a dark wood and no one baby sat them for you.