Strange Terms

Hashing has a few words and terms that it’s worth knowing.  Their origins are lost in the fog of Hashing History and each Hash may have a few words and terms unique to themselves.

Circle Up

Prior to setting off on the Hash, everyone “Circles Up” to listen to the GM give out any notices and for the Hares to tell the Hashers about the Hash they’ve laid.  Listen up, you may need to know about the deep river half way around…


Nothing too personal, it’s used to describe someone who’s not Hashed before.  At the Circle Up, the GM will normally ask if there’s “Any virgins?”.  They’ll be asked to introduce themselves so the other Hashers will know to look out for them and steer them safely through the Hash.

Virgins should seek out on of the On Secs after their first Hash to get details about signing up for the website and emailing list etc.


SCB is shorthand for Short Cutting Bastard.  Generally applied (at least by the FRBs) to anyone who regularly takes the Short Splits, uses the “most economic route”, cuts corners on fields, misses out that nasty muddy bit, goes straight back to the pub rather than ascend that last hill and so on.

There will probably be more chatting, ambling, “ordinary” trainers and hi-vis reflective tabards in this group, There will be no interest in “Winning The Hash” or any other such unachievable nonsense.

Most SCBs are immensely proud of their SCB status and the jibes of the FRB’s hold no interest to them.


“Petrol!” is shouted as a warning that a vehicle is approaching.  It’s most often used on the road sections of a Hash to warn others of a Cycle, Motorbike, Scooter, Car, Lorry, Tractor or ANY sort of mechanised thing.

New Hashers will normally make a joke about “What if it’s a diesel?” Older more sage Hashers will normally roll their eyes at this and adjust their 1972 Hash Event T Shirt in a “I’m adjusting my 1972 Hash Event T Shirt you’ve got a lot to learn matey” sort of way. In fairness, they will have heard the joke before.


GM is shorthand for Grand Master or Grand Mistress. Nothing to do with more esoteric nocturnal adult activities, this term is used to describe the Hasher with a role akin to The Chair/man/woman/person. They’re tasked with bringing everyone to order at the start of the Hash and generally orchestrating activities.

Knitting Circle

A group of Hashers who spend more time walking and talking than Hashing. Often made up of the lame, old and bewildered. Just getting out of the Car Park, taking a turn around the block and making it back into the pub without a bladder incident is considered a successful evening for many of them. Mock ye not, they’re still out there doing what they love, even if they can’t remember it afterwards!


FRB is shorthand for Front Running Bastard.  Generally applied (at least by the SCBs) to anyone who regularly takes the Long Splits, sticks rigidly to the laid trail even if it goes the long way around an obvious short cut, goes right to the corners in fields, always goes through that nasty muddy bit, ascends that last hill with a smile rather than miss it and go straight back to the pub and so on.

There will probably be more Lycra, GPS Watches, “Proper” Off Road Shoes, talk of Heart Rate Monitors and Negative Splits in this group,

Most FRBs are immensely proud of their FRB status and the jibes of the SCB’s that they are all lycra clad wannabe athletes have no interest to them.

On Down

The location for the post Hash meet up, normally a pub or somewhere where the Hashers can rest up, chew the fat and exaggerate about their experience.

Hash Hush!

You’ll hear this shouted when someone needs you to listen up, either at the start of the Hash or in the pub afterwards to listen to the RA give their account of the Hash.  Please make it easier for them to speak by piping down, don’t be surprised if you get picked on if you don’t zip it!


We use this to describe mud but it can be used for any difficult terrain such as brambles, rocks or mud.

Hash Name

A nickname, usually bestowed after a set number of runs or in honour of a notable incident. Often some form of weak pun or double entendre. Fnar, fnar. More on this here.

Down Down

A drink “awarded” for a perceived misdemeanour or notable behaviour (good or bad) on the Hash.  Given at the total discretion of the RA and drunk as fast as you can against the other Hashers with Down Downs whilst the rest of the other Hashers sing and jeer.