Corona virus update

16.03.2020 CORONA VIRUS UPDATE FROM GM: Official numbered Hashes suspended

Good evening Hashers.

As I said in the previous update, the situation is fluid and now very sadly it appears that Hashing from a pub is no longer an option now.

The committee has discussed the latest government guidelines and decided that we have no option but to suspend official numbered Hashes. We do not feel it is right to be recording run numbers when many Hashers may be unable to attend by either choice or advice.

Hash 1249 from Leonards Road Car park Ivybridge 18/3/20 will be the last one before suspension begins. The circle up will take place in the open air as normal with appropriate separation between hashers should people wish. There will be no official On Downs, however if Hashers wish to bring their own beverage and food to consume following the hash it is entirely up to them and they are welcome to do so.

Official Hashing will resume when advice is received that pubs may be attended once again.

In the meantime we will try, future guidance pending, to arrange unofficial Hash style runs every Wednesday evening at 7.30pm. These will either be laid trails or live trails, dependant on whether hares are available to lay.

I’m sure this news will disappoint many of you, however in spite of our idealistic existence of an unorganised run with no rules, in reality we are more than that and must take into account official advice. If our actions result in the prevention of a single death or serious illness of a hasher or their friends and family then it is worth doing.

One thing I can promise is that throughout the course of this pandemic there will be at least one member of SH4 doing a run at 7.30pm every Wednesday. Hashing will never stop.

On On.


Having had a few queries from members regarding Hashing and Corona virus, the committee wishes to give the following update:

South Hams Hash House Harriers will now, and for the foreseeable future, continue to Hash as normal. There is currently no advice which would have us do anything different. Obviously the situation is fluid and any official advice in the future which may affect hashing will be discussed if issued.

For now we would like to remind everyone of the current advice which is to self isolate for 7 days if suffering from a new continuous cough and/or a fever. More in depth advice detailed below:…/stay-at-home-guidance-for-people-with-…

In addition any hashers who may feel that they, due to either age or health conditions, would like to avoid the pub or even stop hashing completely for the time being, then this is entirely their personal decision and we look forward to seeing them back when this is all over.

On On.