Hash 1229


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Village Inn - Thurlestone
The Village Inn, Thurlestone, England, TQ7 3NN, Devon
Hares: Pugsley & .
What 3 Words: making.renewals.trophy

Event Type

The words according to Blue Nun 

Hash 1229 – VI Thurlestone.

This was the 6 or 7th time for Pugsley this year, now slight confusion here.  Was it he has laid 6-7 times this year or had he been laid 6-7 times this year – either way a tremendous amount of laying – well done Sir!!

The Hash started with a historical animal based fact.  May not have been the useful local knowledge based facts that you could use at a pub quiz, but Rear Entry didn’t make an Ass of himself.  Cannot wait for next weeks. If he keeps that standard up I feel by the end of his reign we will capable of holding court with Sir David!

During the round up there was lots of noise and commotion coming from a certain sector and moaning about unable to hear – mainly from Piss Bag – who was either moaning or making the noise herself.  The hypocrisy of the request was not lost on the new GM as he targeted abuse back at her – an insight to the management style of the new GM – a warning there for those who like to have a chat during the dignitaries address I feel.

The Run.

The trot around Thurlestone, consisted of lots of Mud, lots of checks, lots of arrows and more flour then Tescos.  A remarkable feat considering the weather and consumption by the local livestock. Still wasn’t enough for the new GM though.  He claims he followed Shirt Lifter along a hedge, Shirt lifter Claims he got mislead by Rear Entry. Either way clear lack of respect to the non-competition protocol just head down and run without looking – is this really the behaviour we can expect of our leader for the next few years, crass disregard for rules, own agenda, cant be trusted – sorry was reminding myself of another leader will get back on track!

I (Blue Nun) got a thumbs up acknowledgement for not popping home, cutting the run short or cheating – but somehow Buster got to the down downs – so did I or did I not??

A fairly uneventful run fortunately for Dimwit after his exploits of last week.  Thankfully Pugsley did a pothole check and all good. However he did miss the electric fence and the sign post over a style. All good though, we had Oribble on hand to dismantle the electric fence in time for Olive and Co to come through un-shocked, un-twerked or un-what ever stimulation you go for in the country.  As for the Sign, a little known fact – Hashers can injure themselves draw blood and not make a scene (Dimwit). Yes I did have blood running down the back of my shirt but I am not one to ask for sympathy – I watched with horror as Dimwit was told to more or less look it up in the dictionary between S*@# and Syphilis.  

On to the Down Downs:

Piddler for boring some of you for too many years and getting his 800th shirt.  The strip show was unnecessary but entertaining

Barbarella for becoming a granny again – and by the time you read this she could well be another

Shirt Lifter for forgetting his highway code and or leading Rear Entry astray

Rusty Bottom – for being an on-hand nurse for dimmers – one of those strange hash conventions – good deeds get punished!!

Pugsley for being such a great layer.

Dimwit for his service to hash injuries!

On On to Loddiswell – Or Brixham for the Pre Xmas Hash Bash, but you will have already done that as these are a bit late!!