Hash 1086


7:30 pm - 10:30 pm


Pig's Nose Inn
The Green, East Prawle, Devon, TQ7 2BY
Hares: Bootsie & Four Eyes
What 3 Words: confident.pumps.honey

Event Type

A glorious summers evening saw us motley crew gather on the green at East Prawle. Overshot was demonstrating his athletic prowess performing the lotus position, whilst Dimwit bemoaned his frustrating attempts to bend his rod earlier that day, fishing off the coast of Salcombe.

During the circle up we were presented with a multitude of virgins, there were at least 2,3,4 or was it 5…
Bootsie and 4 iiiis proposed a 3.5 and 5.5 mile route, with “search and rescue” unavailable due to blisters and oh, sunburn, but at 80 something that seemed a fair deal.

Despite magnificent weather and magnificent setting, the hash-happenings can be summarised fairly briefly; we ran, walked, or somehow made it round and back to Britain’s most southerly pub. Although it seemed some felt that additional mileage was needed and added an extra lap, presumably to justify the post hash cheesy chips?

Spotty Botty having diligently made note of anything noteworthy gathered us up outside the Pigs Nose for some RA stand up birthday-style, for which she was duly serenaded. I’m not entirely sure what happened, but Pi became very agitated and Squashed Balls ended up with a pair of knickers on his head.

Various achievements were recognised,
Going Down- for suffering an injury in a place that cannot be stretched, only massaged?!
Hard Core Prawn- for wildlife preservation, saving a caterpillar from certain death
Ging gang – for sporting a punk version of a purple rinse
Sushi- for following a non hasher the wrong way
Pi – for her injurious comments on the DFRBs lack of check-kicking
Gary Glitter- for acquiring extra and rather confused passengers, Running Late and Knockers who’d jumped in the wrong car
Traffic- for presenting Pi with POSH knickers
Various virgins- for surviving the hash and staying till the bitter end
Most or all of the above (?) chose from a varied selection of Down Downs, along with Spotty Botty who self inflicted herself to a birthday down down.
A few stragglers stayed on to drink with a dog on a picnic bench under a Hawaiian umbrella.

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