Hash 1109 Bonfire Night


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Journey's End
The Journey's End, Ringmore, Devon, TQ7 4HL
Hares: Goolie &
What 3 Words: change.headless.axed

Event Type

The Words Hash 1108 according to Barbarella

Words for Challarrrrrrboro hash

Remember , remember the 5th of November; gunpowder, treason and plot

Not a chance, were in the 21st century and can have our fireworks on the 3rd 4th 5th and – yes – 8th November.

Remember, remember the 15th November; and close all those gates on the Moor.

Pub was a bit packed.

Down Downs to Pimples the birthday hasherette & Sarah, Hares x3, Piddler (water) Rubbery (well, that’s what the RA’s notes say, but it got a bit messy)

In the car park: Piddler shed light on Sticky Bush; Barbie asked Frenchie what she had between her legs (but he’d got mixed up – it was that other girl).

Debra went home for a shower.

Thanks to Goolie, Gingang,  Know Nuts (for loosing the lighter thingy) and the mulled drinks servers for a great pre On Down.

Barbarella and few others missed the fireworks. They didn’t get lost, just couldn’t find the marks and didn’t know where they were. Rubbery chucked his flat tyre on the bonfire to purify the air.

Nice Buns got her buns dirty. Boaty imitated a bullock. Twin Buffers and Squashed balls demonstrated kissing gate techniques. French had her red light on but didn’t get any business.

Re-entry said he would go went round twice, then followed the walkers.

Off we went.



Circled up in Ringmore to watch Arse Ohs! Driving.