Hash 1111


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Salcombe Rugby Club
Twomeads, Camperdown Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8AX
Hares: IVF & Pugsley
What 3 Words: meaning.speeches.ascendant

Event Type

A Hash for Every One!!! Park where you can on the streets!

T’was a cold, dark, windy night as we gathered at Salcombe rugby club. Before long, Overshot started waffling on about some sort of make-believe history of the area. Then the hares: IVF and Pugsley, gave good instructions and off we went. Down the dark back streets of Salcombe. To start it was very pleasurable, but it was not long before the heavens opened alongside force 9 gales. Speeding along one of the dark lanes, Dead Man Walking and myself were coaxed into a very creepy and overgrown garden by Overshot who then informed us that it was a project he was working on, before proceeding to wee in the garden – so we promptly left.


Other news from around the hash:

·         Heckel and Jyde ended up doing a super-long short by missing six-foot arrows on the road

·         Overshot fell over once on a slippy-slidy track

·         Dead Man Walking fell over twice on the same bit

·         Sticky Bush decided to inflict damage on fellow hashers. Serious Malpractice: flicking a bramble back into the eyes of a fellow hasher almost blinging them, and kicking Bell End in the shin – luckily not the other way around …!

·         Olive plus her friend Ben got lost

·         How many hashers can you get into a telephone box? First attempt: Hot Totty, Sticky, and Bell End (Hot Sticky Bell End). 2nd: Ester, Live Wire, and Marty. Third … Rubbery

·         Dinwit went around the hash and couldn’t find anyone because they were all in the phone box

·         Rent Boy offered Boaty his guiding light as he forgot to charge his torch battery

·         Great Jacket Potatoes, served by Pugsley!


Down Downs:

·         IVF, Pugsley – Hares

·         Ester – a virgin

·         Ben – for running astray with Olive

·         Sticky – Malpractice (nominated to Hot Totty – took 20 minutes to finish)

·         Jyde – missing big arrows

ON ON to Cornwood!