Hash 1116


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Packhorse Inn
1 Plymouth Road, South Brent, Devon, TQ10 9BH
Hares: Lazy Git & Willy Waiver
What 3 Words:

Event Type

Circle up and park in the Station Car Park.

On Down at the Packhorse Inn

The Words Hash 1116 according to Dimwit

A to Z of SH4 Hasher’s.

Observations of Hash No 1116

Packhorse Inn

(Some may even be factual)

• Ah-So not in attendance after getting stuck behind Santa’s sleigh, and being traumatised by a butterfly in her logs.

• Boatface Joinery, You heard it here first, Just like Fatface clothing, but without the clothes, and more wood.

• Cowpat, warming herself in the pub in front of the open fire.

• Deadman Walking, Still working on the words for hash 1115, but taking time out to celebrate 100 wasted Wednesday evenings.

• Extendable Hashing, A type of hash system which treats a hash as a bit of string, and uses a true for bucket lookup. The piece of string method is commonly used by Hashers as a means of measurement when plotting a route. Therefore a 6 mile hash in Totnes can actually become 13 miles.

• Fallen Woman shaking a bag collecting money for her fishy fingers and chip hash.

• Flage-No-Lay comparing recently acquired strap on’s with Boaty Mcboatface.

• Gaffer easily spotting the sawdust after consuming far too many carrots.

• Ging Gang and Goolie arriving late after getting on the wrong train, and ending up in Scotland.

• Hekkyl, newly qualified doctor in patient care, Recklessly throwing a stick in her own face.

• IVF not running in the rain, As he is still not dry after the Salcombe hash.

• Just Horny arriving late and giving the finger to anyone in her way, especially kind hashers holding open the gates.

• JP celebrating his birthday, getting soaking wet.

• Jerk not allowed out hashing, until he has finished plumbing out bathroom No 8 at Finch Towers.

• Knownuts, missing again, Has he become a secret Cross Dresser ?

• Lo-Tarse climbing into the open fire to get warm.

• Marty, Lycra on,Lycra off, “Bugger this weather I am off for lasagne and a pint of cider.

• No Thatch enjoying watching his beloved West Ham giving Arsenal a football lesson.

• Orrable Farmer staying at home in the warm planning holiday No4 this month.

• Overshot amazed by the Ham, Egg and Chips Pizza being consumed by Dimmers.

• Piltdown man calling everyone to order due to abysmal singing at the down down’s.

• Pugsley last seen running out of the pub to catch his lift that had “accidently” left without him.

• Piddler lost in a field on the hash, After his stand in carer

Going Down had run off and left him.

• Rizzo, Hashing in Thursday’s Sex pants and Frenchie having to cover up her large hole whist getting changed.

• Rubbery dishing out Buckfast wine to cold and wet hashers coming off the Moor.

• Suishi getting lost after the first mark and ending up at Stipley Bridge.

• Twin Buffers having to console Squashed Balls after another wasted trip to the Theatre of Yellows.

• Twisted Sister celebrating birthday No??

• U-Bend having a well earned night off from Piddlers moaning.

• Virgin Louise, First time, On a night like that. Obviously likes it tough.

• Wetspot not in attendance due to training for tribal Clash 2018.

• Whisperer not in attendance due to lack of Stella on draught.

• Willy Waver bravely sweeping the hash in testing conditions.

• X. The huge one that Rear Entry ran past whilst trying desperately to win the Hash. ( The long hash was actually jointly won by Gaffer and Dimmers)

• Yuletide came early for young at heart Lazy Git, Having a well earned sherry after laying the hash on his 92nd birthday.

• Zwarte Piet, (As you all know is Black Pete in Dutch folklore, A helper to Santa for handing out the presents).

On Downs awarded to

Willy Waver – Hare

Lazy Git – Hare/Birthday Boy

JP – Birthday Boy

Twisted Sister – Birthday Girl

Boaty – Strap On envy.

Hekkyl – Lack of patient care


ON ON and Happy Christmas for 2017, Dimmers