Hash 1121


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Hare's House - Preston Farm
Preston Farm, West Alvington, TQ7 3JB
Hares: Morticia & Gomez
What 3 Words:

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Gomez and Morticia have asked me to clarify some apparent confusion as to the whereabouts of the hash on weds evening. It is at Preston Farm, just outside West Alvington. Please see attached link for grid ref. On down is the Church House Inn, Churchstow, about 5 mins away.

Circle up at Preston Farm, Just outside West Alvington, TQ7 3JB

Preston Farm, West Alvington

On a breezy but mild night I was dropped off to the hash (rare treat for me) albeit a bit late. Fortunately a lot of confused hashers were also late so had time to throw my bag in Pi’s car. I was then treated to a licking session by the newest addition to the family, Fen the puppy. It was entirely wasted as I shortly after slipped in the mud and was plastered for the rest of the hash! Gomez and Morticia were laying the hash and Gomez thought he would have to write the words as well until I turned up. We were told, at the beginning, that the Walkers route would be 3.5 miles, the Shorts 4.5 miles and the Longs 6 miles.

Rubbery missed the hash due to another puncture!

Most of the hash featured lots of muddy fields, brambles and hills. The puppy had a swim in a large puddle and was washed off by Re-Entry.

Bell End spent a lot of the hash flashing at the Ladies and gents and Boaty. Well he thought it was Boaty but it turned out to be Pugsley.  Running Late in his wellies was a virgin Walker this week and remarked on how genteel and polite his fellow walkers were. Wait a minute! We’re all like that aren’t we?! His ploy was trying to get more hashers to sign up as hares.

It was noted that Nice Buns was on fire as an FRB getting all the checks right.

Boaty was taking on innocent hashers when he saw the On Home jumping in a puddle and drenching Dulux. Hope she was water based!

Dead Man and Goolie got lost while Piddler was boring Sticky Bush to death with stories of the Galaxy! He’s a Star!  Even changed his name in the pub to Sushi just to get some chips.

Back in the Church House Inn, Piltdown celebrated his birthday with a pint and the usual dreadful rendering of Happy Birthday.

Another new hasher didn’t understand the concept of being a virgin as when asked if he was a virgin replied that No he wasn’t but it was his first hash!!

On on to Wrangaton,

Gary G