Hash 1132


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Pickwick Inn
Pickwick Inn, St Anns Chapel, Devon, TQ7 4HQ
Hares: Nutcracker & Filth
What 3 Words: salon.intruding.launch

Event Type

The Words Hash 1132 The words according to Meaty Whore

Excitingly for me, the weather dominated this week’s hash. Sunset was at 18:18 UTC, air pressure was 987 hPa, air temperature was 9.4 degrees Celsius, relative humidity was 92%, there was 8/8 cloud cover and it was really, really raining *. In fact it was raining so heavily that most of the hashers were sheltering in their cars and had to be encouraged out of them to circle up.

Well, everyone had to be encouraged out of their cars apart from Flage and Sticky Bush who were desperate for the loo. Unfortunately there’s only one toilet at the Pickwick Inn and so they squatted in front of what looked like an empty car for an alfresco wee. However the car was occupied by Dimmers and Over Shot, who got an eye full. Apparently, Sticky Bush got stage fright and stopped pretty quickly. Flage is like a tube of Pringles and once she’s popped she can’t stop and so finished what she’d started.

There was more excitement prior to the hash with some hashers taking the tidal road to the pub. Pugsley’s Land Rover in front had no issues, the car behind blindly followed and the third decided it would be safer to take an alternative route and was seen in rear view mirrors turning around and heading back where they’d just come from.

Fortunately Overshot had exhausted his history of St Ann’s Chapel on previous visits and with no virgins and few visitors we were able to get on our way quickly and warm up. Excitement was soon on its way though with Hekkel almost falling but managing a great recovery to stay on two feet. Traffic wasn’t so lucky and ended up in the mud. However, Boaty was cheering loudly and was rumoured to have pushed her.

Due to the heavy rain, few hashers were keen for the long. Dimmers was discovered at the beer stop in the bus shelter enjoying being the first hasher on the short route to get to the beer stop. The beer stop in the bus shelter was signposted by BSBS written in flour on the road. However, some of the less mature hashers stole the hare’s flour and changed the writing to BOOBS. Fortunately the locals were sheltering inside from the rain and didn’t spot this. Hopefully the rain washed away the evidence by the following morning.

I, unfairly in my opinion, was criticised for wearing Primark shorts (with thermal boxers underneath for warmth and support). Where I come from Primani is the height of fashion. Perhaps I’ll invest in some running shorts for future weeks to prevent chafing (which wasn’t a problem this week due to the rain lubricating everything).

Back at the pub the very soggy hashers either got changed very quickly, or struggled with numb fingers. However we soon warmed up inside with superb pizzas and chocolate birthday cake.

In the pub, we sung the usual tuneful happy birthday to Nutcracker and Filth. Fallen Woman was presented at the start of the RA, Spotty Botty’s, chat with a t-shirt for her 600th hash, before having to head off early. Down downs went to the hares Nutcracker and Filth, Fallen Woman, Traffic for being pushed, Boaty for pushing and Flage for weeing.

On on to The Parkers Arms, Collaton St Mary.