Hash 1133


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


The Parkers Arms
343-347 Totnes Road, Collaton St Mary, TQ4 7DE
Hares: Fallen Woman & Wigwam
What 3 Words:

Event Type

The Words Hash 1133 The words according to Nokkers

Hash 1133 21/3/18 – The Parkers Arms, Collaton St Mary

The burning question of the evening – did Cambridge Analytica harvest information from the South Hams Facebook page to influence so many Hashers from far and wide to come out in force on a cold and blustery evening?  Even hibernating Hashers and ones who didn’t do the Hash were there.  Nah!  It was the promise of a free buffet that got them there in force!

Overshot gave a briefing stating that Collaton was going to be twinned with Challaborough and share the ‘St Mary’ to make Challaborough sound posh.

Wig Wam and Fallen Woman didn’t give any clues as to how long the Hash would be but did welcome everyone to the Lash which gave a clue to how they spent their afternoon after laying it.

Hashers soon found themselves in a pretty Santa’s grotto of deep snow, mud and brambles.  Traffic Jam lived up to her name by causing a traffic jam after getting tangled up in the brambles and had to be cut free.  Meanwhile, further up the snowy path Piddler pelted the helpless Harriets, Rizzo and Low Tarse with snowballs.  Running Late was heard talking excitedly about getting wrapped up in bubblewrap – just normal evening entertainment in Ermington apparently!

Gomez and Morticia found a short cut and used the excuse that they were protecting Cowpat who didn’t have a torch.  Gaffer also took a shortcut.

No Thatch had a face down fall in the snow, narrowly avoiding Sticky Bush.  Overshot, not wishing to be left out, took a tumble too.

On on they went facing the difficult decision of choosing a sexy long or a boring short.  Hekkel, Threesome and Nokkers chose the boring short only to be overtaken by a speeding Traffic Jam making up lost time from her earlier hold up.

Back at the pub, the generous free buffet was quickly scoffed and plates licked clean by hungry Hashers.  Piddler claimed Dimwit stole his car keys from his pocket while he was busily filling his plate at the buffet.

Squash Balls was RA and proved better entertainment than the episode of ‘Benidorm’ on the TV screen next to him by telling a rare clean joke about a weasel.  He then started to reminisce about his school days near Collaton St Mary.  Pimples was awarded a 100 runs T-shirt but shyly refused to put it on.  Filth was wished a happy birthday in the usual way.  The pub was thanked for the buffet.

Down downs were given to:

No Thatch – for falling in the snow,

Gaffer – for shortcutting,

Fallen Woman – Hare (Wig Wam was no-where to be seen, either still on the trail or safely tucked up in bed),

Filth – Birthday,

Overshot – for a variety of reasons

Pimples – 100 T-shirt

On on to the White Thorn at Shaugh Prior for the first Hash in BST.