Hash 1138


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Plym Bridge Car Park (Plympton side)
Plymbridge , Plympton, PL7 4SR
Hares: Gaffer &
What 3 Words: brief.pushy.couch

Event Type

Hashing but Plympton style!

Change of clothes advised…. what during the hash?

#####CHANGE OF VENUE#######

On Down Location at the Stannary Court, (Weatherspoons)

95-99 Ridgeway, Plymouth PL7 2AA

The Words Hash 1138, the words according to Over Shot

Hash 1138 Plymbridge Woods, Plympton 
(South Side innit na matter wot Sat nav say).

낮에는 따사로운 인간적인 여자     커피 한잔의 여유를 아는 품격 있는 여자
밤이 오면 심장이 뜨거워지는 여자     그런 반전 있는 여자
나는 사나이      낮에는 너만큼 따사로운 그런 사나이
커피 식기도 전에 원샷 때리는 사나이    밤이 오면 심장이 터져버리는 사나이
그런 사나이     아름다워 사랑스러워
그래 너 hey 그래 바로 너 hey     아름다워 사랑스러워
그래 너 hey 그래 바로 너 hey     지금부터 갈 때까지 가볼까
오빤 강남스타일     강남스타일 오-오-오-오 오빤강남스타일
강남스타일 오-오-오-오 오빤강남스타일
Eh, sexy hasher
오-오-오-오 오빤 강남스타일
Eh, sexy hasher     오-오-오-오  정숙해 보이지만 놀 땐 노는 여자
정숙해 보이지만 놀 땐 노는 여자    GAFFER NAM STYLE
We gathered in the deep dark wood in anticipation, as Gaffer  and his co-hare  Yuck had promised to show us how a hash should be done Plympton Style.
From what I understand basic ingredients are;

  1. A huge wood/forest [not found in the South Hams] to contain the entire hash within.
  2. A River and crossing it 8 times with deep bits.
  3. A Commando Rock face climbing wall.

So extensive was the lay the hare only Gaffer-Nam danced back into the circle up as the GM called everyone to order. A Virgin Steve was introduced, who was looking for a off road running group to join (Think he found the right group) and the visitors from South Hams were welcomed. There was another visitor, Testiculator, from London but he was too shy to announce himself. Speaking to him in the pub afterwards apparently his wife is called Ging Gang Goolie. Our Goolie was keeping his distance!

Marty who almost lost it with road rage driving to the hash after been stuck behind a Sunday morning driver (which turned out to be Cowpat) did get lost on the hash.  I suspect that this was mainly down to Olive, who on her hash return was back to her old habits and causing chaos, leading VindalooCowpat and Sticky Bush along with Marty back into the Woods following an On Home in sawdust from a different hash. Overshot decided not wait for Marty so jumped in Dead Man Walking’scar to ably guide him to the On Down much to Dimwit’s dismay.

At the first river crossing (the deepest of the lost) Sushi misjudged the depth and submerged himself and when he surfaced found that his designer glasses were swept away. Somehow he managed to find his way home which is remarkable as without his glasses he couldn’t find his trousers in the back of his van and had to go to the pub in his boxers (which he claimed were shorts).

Bilco from Plympton was also party dressed at the On down as she had no dry shoes and was bare footed.

Boaty McBoatface found that he had two belly buttons when diving into the river.

After the energy sapping of the river crossing the hash came to the rock face where we all had to help each other up and throw dogs up as well. FlageNoLay used PunktilliArse’s head as a stepping stone.
Well done to A bit of Rough for completing the London Marathon at the weekend but I think he could have run if faster as he had plenty of energy on tonight’s hash.

Just Horny was taking it easy on the hash saving her energy for her wedding day this Saturday and ReEntry was running like it was his last hash as a single man. Hopefully the ball and chain will slow him down. Good luck you two!!!

Back at the on down, where Goolie was happy with the £2.29 a pint price tag, Happy birthday was sung to Dulux in the traditional manner.  ReEntry wished Lady Buoy good luck in her move to the Midlands and will be sorely missed and awarded Down Downs to:

Gaffer and Yuck– for a great hash. Thank you.
Steve the virgin– for throwing himself fully into the Hash (and water)
Sushi– For losing glasses and trousers.
Dulux– Birthday girl.
Lady Buoy-her final hash before moving to Brum.

On On to Goolie’s birthday Red dress Hash.