Hash 1140


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Creek's End Inn
Squares Quay, Kingsbridge, TQ7 1HZ
Hares: Tyred Bunny & TBC
What 3 Words: reflected.heap.chariots

Event Type

SH4’s 20th Anniversary Hash!!

The first Circle up on May 6th 20 years ago was at the Tourist Information Centre and the On Down was at what is now Costa’s.

Wear something from the 80s [easier for some than others]

The Words Hash 1140, the words according to Pugsley

Run 2000ish took on a 1980s theme in homage to the founding of SH4 in 1998.

80+ hashers turned out that night and four still haven’t found anything better to do with their Wednesday night. Well done to Bigfoot, Shortie, Nipper (anyone else remember her original hash name?) and of course the man responsible for so many wasted Wednesdays Tyred Bunny. We haven’t seen much of our original GM of late. I suspect he arranged his recent sick note to ensure his 500th run fell on this momentous occasion. We’ll never know as he awarded himself his 500 run T-shirt and paid off the long-suffering Hekkel with a pint of water!

The hares, Cow Pat and Pi (or someone who could do it after someone else who could do it then couldn’t do it rearranged it so someone who could do it couldn’t -sort of) told us something about it being the same but different to the original hash and sent us off across the car park in search of flour. Rear Entry and Overshot were suspiciously off pace – I initially thought Overshot must be injured (again) but quickly realised he hadn’t told everybody about it so the only explanation was he was trying to avoid a ‘fish hook’. This of course caused much debate as to the changing rules of the ‘fish hook’ which continue late into the night. The upshot is that a legitimate ‘fish hook’ must be… No it’s just too boring.

The rest of the hash passed largely without incident. There were some big hills, an antenna, some fields, some woods and some very pretty Bluebells. There was also a liberal sprinkling of short cutters (typical SH4! It’s reassuring to know some things never change!).

Back at the On Down, fancy dress was the order of the day (apart from yours truly who had no idea having been off in Portugal the previous week). Filth as always was showing her usual commitment to fancy dress. Dimwit, Overshot and Windy Puff were all auditioning to be the next 118 men and Nice Buns was debating whether legwarmers should be pulled up or dropped down.  No idea what the consensus was on that either.

Tyred Bunny Took on RA duties after a 19.5 year break and paid tribute to our longest serving and very much missed RA, Troughie. An appeal was also made for people to get involved in the mismanagement committee – special mention is made to the Pink Ladies and Nice Buns for something. Not being old perhaps?

Down downs were (I think) awarded by TB to:

Himself for 500 runs – never one to make a scene he stripped off immediately.

Marty (On behalf of all the Pink Ladies).

Just Horny’s mother-in-law for being dragged along. (Insert your favourite Les Dawson joke here).

Hekkel looking resplendent in her finest shellsuit got a pint of water.

Nice Buns for something.

The hares for stepping in laying a lovely trail.

On On to Hope Cove!