Hash 1142


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


The Skipper Inn
57 Drew Street, Brixham, TQ5 9LA
Hares: Rabid & Damp Patch
What 3 Words:

Event Type

The Words Hash 1142, the words according to Meavy Maid

Words for Hash 1142

One minute we’re having a radiator installed and the next minute we’re back hashing, thanks UBend and thanks Piddler for the lift.   We arrived to find Hue’n Cry fleeing the car park which was overflowing with footballers and green bowlers cars.  Park where you can but don’t park down there you’ll get key-scratched advised UB.

     Overshot welcomed us to Brixham but had no gems of historical interest to inspire us with  and in a place awash with tales of fishing and piracy, perhaps it was because we were in Cowtown, originally the farming community of Brixham.  A local virgin came along  with Mismatch & her young lad felt a naming should ensue.  Visitors from Haldon Hash were introduced as Bumble and partner.  A volunteer was sought for scribing and  I didn’t duck quick enough.  Several notices were ignored.   Chief hare Rabid gave us the usual bunkum.

There were plenty of red Ang-on Ang-on shirts leading the way uphill to Long/Short split. The shorts went up the really steep hill but remained in  the Borough of Torbay whilst the longs crossed into South Hams with a very fine  run down to Mansands and a stroll up over Southdown cliff to Sharkham Point. Nice to see All Night Pepys back taking the coastline in her stride and Punktiliarse couldn’t go wrong with the sea on one side. The shorts followed Whisperer …do they never learn…and all ended up on Berry Head. LazyGit gave Ollie a golden shower in the middle of the footpath.  Boaty McBoatface got lost in a car park and goodness knows where Lotarse and  Cowpat ended up.

Plenty of helpers at the ‘non- beer-stop’ all stood around chatting whilst No Thatch dished out mini Magnums and H2O. Rubbery couldn’t believe his ears No beer! so pottered off to take pics on the coastpath.   Next job to find the cars, luckily  assistance was at hand in the form of Reggie-no-legs and Twisted Sister in the all important task of finding the pub, through St Mary’s tombstones and on to The Skipper. Oh no where was Jailer  usually first back to the pub…has he lost his touch? I had to cadge money off our kindly (grovel) GM to buy refreshment.

Hot Totty and BellEnd cosied up in a corner all on their own, perhaps a change of trainers might help, then moved over to another nook aptly labelled ‘Bullshit Corner’ to be with their mates.
RA for the night was Overshot  why else would he be wearing that hat?  We serenaded Hekkel  with a harmonized Happy Birthday song, he reckoned she’s lining up the drinks by haring next week.  Bumble  was awarded a Down-down for being much a more pleasant visitor  than the usual rabble from Plympton Hash, this was a novelty for her as Haldon Hash don’t do Down-downs. Rabid attempted a Down-down but her co-hare Damp Patch gave hers to No Thatch. I, Meavymaid  got one for beating the old man to the pub and lastly Lotarse for smuttimindedness observing wooden statues as phallic symbols.
On-on to Ermington, first BBQ this year; circle up in the square.

Please park at

St. Mary’s Park, Vicarage Rd, Brixham, TQ5 9RE

through this entrance