Hash 1145


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Beesands Beach Car Park
Seafront, Beesands , Devon, TQ7 2EL
Hares: Pugsley & Boaty McBoatface
What 3 Words:

Event Type

The Words Hash 1145, the words according to Rubbery

I was so looking forward to the first BBQ on the beach this year, but alas it was not to be!

Pugsley advised us all that due to a no show by Boaty and lack of boat and as it turned out unsuitable weather that we would not be BBQing nor swimming out to the beer stop and so we were left with the Cricket Inn for our only venue for the evening.

We assembled outside on the promenade, in a spot carefully reserved by RearEntry in a double parking space between the cars, until the arrival of The East Allington collective who insisted on parking there, so in the middle of the road it was….

GM Overshot had no wise words as to the origin of the name of Beesands, or if there was I missed it – nothing unusual there!

A record number of dogs were on show, their owners managing to create a knitting circle out of their leads as they entertained us before the circle up.

In the circle up a virgin and visitor or 2 were introduced to us, there were a few messages about Makerpre XMAS dopost XMAS Bash etc and then our Hares Pugsley, and stand in hare Morticia, told a few lies about how long the run was, and claimed that we would have the most scenic beer stop ever in the history of SH4!

We were launched in various directions – Longs, Shorts and Walkers, but generally in the direction of Start Bay Lighthouse and I was beginning to fear that we might be heading for the top of the Lighthouse for the Beer Stop – now that would have been a beer stop to go down in SH4 history…

As it was our destination beer stop was the view point overlooking the remains of Hallsands, the beer was well chilled and wine gums refreshing, the walkers arrived first closely followed by Whisperer whom we found out had done the short to make sure he got to the beers stop whilst there was plenty of beer left. Despite very clear markings for the Beer StopOvershot  had to be dragged back.

Back at the OnHome, maybe it was a first for SH4, as we had a duo of RA’s for the night as the were arguing so much and couldn’t agree who should be RA as Goolie had told both of them that it was their turn.

So we had SquashedBalls and RearEntry comedy duo – maybe some rehearsal required before their next appearance, but good effort nonetheless!

Happy Birthday was murdered in the usual manner, for Tina

Naming’s for Nong – LittleChef, and  Tina – NoPrinciples and we had the usual terrible jokes from SquashedBalls,

From the run report there were Seals reported at Start Point;  SquashedBalls quizzed us as to the name of a flock of birds with Black Wings; GingGang was alleged to have been chatting up a young farmer to try to get a ride on his tractor;  a report from the hash about some dilapidated old ruins and in the same sentence not the drinks stop but Goolie at the start of the hash??? Not sure if there was a connection there…

NiceBuns and Rizzo were too busy talking and not looking where they were going and ended up going round the hash again instead of heading for the OH

FlageNoLay using her dogs to pull her around the hash

The pub was thanked and DownDowns awarded to:

The hares Pugsley & Morticia; NoPrinciples; LittleChef; DampPatch; and the Canadian visitor