Hash 1149


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


The Old Inn [Malborough]
Higher Town, Malborough, Devon, TQ7 3RL
Hares: Filth & Ging Gang
What 3 Words: wonderful.morphing.paving

Event Type

Park at the Village Hall and road to hall.

It’s a Filthy Hash so expect more fancy dress….. Theme The Beach!!


The Words Hash 1149, The words according to Rusty Bottom

Hash 1149 – The Old Inn Malborough
Hares – Filth and Ging Gang

The Virgin Scribe (Rusty Bottom) has continued in usual style and left her ‘homework’ til last minute!… When will I ever change??…

‘T’was a quiet balmy evening In Marlborough  when Filth directed Ging gang on her virgin lay, You’d think with 700-800 hashes to her name she’d have top knowledge on the in’s and outs of how to lay a hash. It certainly appeared she had found the Inn’s prior to circle up time!….

There’s not a lot to say about Overshots blurb at the beginning so off we trotted down a VERY long road before turning into fields and beautiful views of Soar. Not many checks ensued meaning the FRB’s belted off and weren’t seen by most of us til the end. Rumour has it that most of them were running topless through the cornfields while holding hands!, What a sight to behold!.

Lots of arrows, helping all and sundry on the trail meant there was minimal risk of getting lost. However Jyde, Goolie and can you believe it…. Ging gang managed to get lost on her own trail!!??

IVF ran to the hash from home in Salcombe to find the hash virtually passed his doorstep but he carried on! On! And finished back in Malborough.

Spotty botty complained of her ‘sausage fingers’ On the hot evening trail and I had the ahem!, ‘pleasure’ of viewing running late being hosed down by a salcombe-ite lady watering her garden and sweaty runners…
Rizzo apparently stopped for a whizzo in the middle of a field. She seems to be getting ‘caught short’ on many a hash these days!.

Nutcracker ran the hash backwards in order to thank those that made it to Maker for the hash weekend (what a fabulous weekend it was)

A ‘SEX ON THE BEACH’ beer stop was gratefully appreciated by all, then on we went the last half mile to the pub!.

On Downs were awarded to the hares FILTH and GING GANG.  IVF for running from home, TRAFFIC for her t-shirt (800 hashes??? Can’t remember) RUNNING LATE for his hose-down, BIT OF ROUGH for his half naked running??  And the pub was thanked for their hospitality.

ON ON to Shaugh Prior, Over and out. Rusty Bottom x