Hash 1150


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Shaugh Bridge- Dewerstone Car Park
Dewerstone Car Park, Shaugh Bridge, PL7 5HD
Hares: Top Shelf &
What 3 Words: rugs.dizzy.flats

Event Type

On Down at the White Thorn in Shaugh Prior just up the road


Hash 1150, The words according to Sticky Bush

The Words: Shaugh Prior Hash     July 4th

This was a great night; what brilliant hash -lots of water to cross, slippy-slidy obstacles, dark tunnels, even mud and the best ever view from the top of the tor- wow!! – thanks Top Shelf.

Thank God we got there in good time to find a near empty car park with so much choice to park. Found a great spot. A soon as we were parked and out of the car, Boaty and Meteor needed to be driven back up to the pub to put in their food order…..As we drove up the hill, cars full of eager hashers passed us going in the opposite direction. Hey ho. Good thing that Ah-so and Hot-Totty-congratulations-its-a-girl saved us a spot.

Pi and Knockers got off to a great start – went off in the the wrong direction, completely oblivious of the check and the cross they ran right over. On on… Pi was full of energy tonight and so was JP. His first time run was going so well that he overtook Pi. Not to be beaten, Pi sent him off down a steep hill on a check that she secretly knew ended in a cross.  Good exercise for JP. Naughty Pi.

Re-entry is getting on a bit. Out of character, he needed to stop for several rests along the way. He did show suitable husbandly concern for poor Just Horny who had hurt her ankle – well, for about 2 minutes, before he ran on.

A lovely scene of romance was there for us; Squashed Balls and Twin Buffers running along, holding hands. Bless.

Low T’Arse needed some stabilisation and made an unfortunate grab of not-yet named Lou’s boobs….names please?

Throughout the hash, there was a very strong smell of TCP pleasantly mixing with the scents of honeysuckle and jasmine from the summer’s evening. Squashed Balls had a nasty bite on his inner thigh and wasn’t taking any chances…

I love running in the evenings- senses are heightened and it always amazes me of the smells, sounds and sights, when running alone. I love that earthly smell when it rains. Anyway back to the hash…someone noticed a dead animal – which was only partially covered by the TCP smell.

Whisperer ran the whole hash backwards. Covered in manly hair front and back combined with wearing his t-shirt back-to-front made it impossible to distinguish what we were seeing.

Now at this point, I am having difficulty making out Goolie’s scanty illegible scribblings from his RAing last night…Mange-tout was travelling with Cupid Stunt and noticed that that ‘there was a lot of bush in his face’ which he quite liked but someone else from Plympton who according to Goolie’s notes is called ‘Wooffle’ ????? said it was “old-fashioned” because he knew stuff from the 80’s….a story in this and I sense I haven’t quite got it…

There was a brilliant small dark tunnel to crawl through, although this was not quite on the marked hash -but just had to be done. It was great fun!  With the exception of Hot Totty, I don’t know why I was the only one to do this…

Back at the carpark, Re-entry was still there when some of the slower runners when returning and dusk was calling. He was showing concern because Just Horny was not yet back from her epic sprained-ankle run. He wanted to get to the pub for his curry.

The Jerk had made a special effort to wear skin coloured pants so that he looked like a naturist when changing.

Back at the pub, a nice man’s evening was spiced up a bit when Squashed Balls placed a hand firmly on his leg, mistakenly thinking it was the back of a chair. Ahem.

All in all, another great evening and thanks to Top Shelf for such a magnificent hash.

Sticky Bush xx