Hash 1163


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Packhorse Inn
1 Plymouth Road, South Brent, Devon, TQ10 9BH
Hares: Willy Waiver & No Name Nick
What 3 Words:

Event Type

Circle up in Station Car Park

The Words according to BELL END

The Words in Brief

  • Clouds and fog are the same thing Windy-Puff was wrong.
  • Using your phone to record the RA supposedly makes you a Bell End, bloody luddites!
  • Sushi missed out Brent Tor and its lovely resident cows, branded a cheater!
  • 200 shirt to Georgi-Porgy
  • Due to low level fog/cloud (by low level I mean fog/cloud at precisely 203cm above ground level) Bell End discovered, or should I say inadvertently discovered, a bloody horrid rock and tried to break free of the earth’s gravity only to discover it is in fact impossible and skidded along the ground superman style. Of course the other 99% of hashers had perfect visibility, some even suggested that I was pushed by Flage-No-Lay…
  • As a result of this foul play Bell End was Up Ended
  • TB has been seen waving his steaming bag in public, and hashers have suggested that he should better train his dog/himself.
  • Punked in the Arse upset the locals by parading his semi around the carpark in a state of semi undress.
  • Lazy Git has poor spatial awareness according to the RA
  • Mince pies and sloe gin are awesome, singing festive songs in October is not!

Down Downs to:

The Hares Willy-Waiver and Bad Cock, Georgi-Porgy, Bell End, Jyde, and Pugsley

On On to Malborough…