Hash 1165

Horse and Groom

Circle Up at 19:30 on 17/10/18

PL21 0El

What3Words: finally.materials.emotional
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Information About This Hash

On Down At: At Circle Up

Hare: Meatywhore
Dogs Allowed On Hash?: On Lead At Times

Hash Details

The Words according to Boaty

T’was a cold, crispy-dark evening as we gathered in front of the Doom and Gloom.

Over sixty shady characters circled to brave the darkness of Bittaford Moor. No history was recounted by Overshot due to the mysterious absence of entertaining historical tales of Old Bittaford.

However, a bellowing Barbie never failed to disappoint knowledge-hungry hashers this time he enlightened them of the tasty tale of the movement of the pub from one side of the road to the other! At least there was only one pub this week, so no hashers (Barbie) went to the wrong pub this time! A high number of Plymouth hashers including ‘virgin’ Snoopy visited the best local hash group…

The joyful rabble of expectant runners set off along the trail that had already gained attention from local ‘busy-bodies’ (certainly not down to the virgin hares).

This is the highlights as per Goolie’s notes …

·        Wet Spot  & Flage for acting liked asses, well a horse and a sheep

·        Random Rabbit

·        IVF took a short cut following the ‘on home’ after 50 meters

·        Tite R’us got her name following a bargain gin-related purchasing decision

·        Happy Shopper got electrocuted (or something)

·        Rabbid can’t cope with mud on her fanny

·        Shirt lifter was named for borrowing his Dad’s clobber

·        Vindaloo: 600

Down Downs

·        Sticky Bush: One Shoe

·        IVF: Cheating

·        JP: Some indeterminate reason

·        Lo’tarse and Barberella: Front Running

·        Piddler: Doing the short twice

·        Meteor and Tite R’us: Hares

Horse and Groom

Location Notes

Dogs Inside Venue?: Dogs Allowed Inside
Venue: Public Venue
01752 892358

What3Words: finally.materials.emotional

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