Hash 1176


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Dolphin Inn - Dartmouth
The Dolphin, Dartmouth, TQ6 9QE
Hares: ReEntry &
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Words for Hash 1176 according to Ging Gang

Re-entry volunteered to do the hash before Christmas, choose Dartmouth, great I thought,  fantastic venue. What I didn’t realise he had no idea what a Christmas hash entailed and was planning a 6 mile long and a 5 mile short. After some discussion a compromise of 4 and 3 miles was planned. With carols and mulled wine stops.Circle up was outside the Dolphin where our GM produced the old carol sheets. Obviously not many read last weeks words as only a few managed to dress appropriately. Flage-no-lay and Nice Buns decided their fairy outfits were too revealing so arrived in their normal hash gear (Spoil sports). What excuse the rest had heaven only knows.

Off we went up and down the steps of Dartmouth arriving in the old fortress for our second dose of carols. Then on up through the woods and up through the woods and up through the woods until some of the older hashers gave up and went back. Chris, yet to be named, didn’t even attempt the climb headed straight for the nearest pub, good hashing we thought, only to discover he’s off the beer, not so good after all !

The next carol stop being planned at the highest point over Dartmouth, making sure most of us were too late to sing. Did anyone arrive in time? The slippery slope proved too much for some especially Overshot and Dimwit who took complaining onto a new level . Let’s hope the new year brings a change of heart.

Running down the hill into the old castle where the smell of mulled wine drifted across the air, looking around to ascertain where the aroma was coming from. Rubbery appeared dressed as Father Christmas from the dark, very good wine even better port and delicious mince pies. There was plenty for all as many missed the stop due to going round the course twice, failing the test set by the hare. Just shows so many just follow the leader, Blue Nun, Bit of Rough, Barbarella Olive and Lo-tarse to name but a few.

Back at the Dolphin which was great, good atmosphere , friendly landlord and super music. It was lovely to see Big bird and Red Rump they enjoyed the company but not the music. Down downs were awarded to the hare, Flage- no – lay, Low- tarse on her retirement, Babarella for leaving her car with the engine running and no hand brake , therefore it speeding driverless down the road with Barbie running after it. Flith and Nice Buns. Birthday greetings were given to Bee Flicker. The pub was thanked and it’s on on to Challaborough for Boxing Day hash at 1230, Swim and J E .

Ging Gang


Xmas Fancy Dress Theme Pixies and Fairies

Circle Up Outside the Pub!!!!!