Hash 1186


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Fisherman's Rest
Fore Street, Aveton Gifford, Devon, TQ7 4JL
Hares: Dead Man Walking & Boaty McBoatface
What 3 Words: zoomed.trappings.generated

Event Type

The words according to Low-T-Arse

Well all I can say is miracles do happen! It was a run at Aveton Gifford at low tide, so plenty of shiggy available and most completed the run remaining dry and relatively clean!! God bless the hares Dead man walking and Boaty McBoatface. Jerk had in fact come to the hash in swimming trunks and school boy socks, what he thought he was preparing for I’m not sure.

The hares had also taken on board that is was the day before Valentine’s Day and laid the checks in the shape of a heart. I wonder if either of them are in love? The other nice thing the hares did was put lots of arrows down for Low-T-Arse and Barbarella, the newly named ‘lost causes’, along with Olive who was not there. In her absence they recruited Vindaloo for the night and were in their usual place at the back of the long.

While the arrows were great for helping the lost causes not getting too lost unfortunately Barbarella is in training for the Plymouth half marathon and only slows down to find the trail so poor Low-T-Arse and Vindaloo were complaining about having to run too much.

Re entry was caught teaching his dog to chase cars, (well Tor is a sheep dog) by running in the slip stream of a van: unfortunately the van stopped suddenly and re entry went straight into the back of it. He then tried to pass it only to be nearly run over by a car coming in the opposite direction. I hope Tor was not taking notes!

Apparently the longs had to go through a tunnel and Whisperer was in the lead when Overshot noticed the trail turned off and didn’t tell Whisperer leaving him struggling on. How mean!

There was also a reconfiguration of the how many hashers can you get in a sauna experiment from the weekend; the new challenge, how many hashers can you get in a tunnel. I know which one I would rather take part in.

Gaffer got hit by a car which made Rizzo really cross as the driver did not stop. Being super woman with a photographic memory she offered to tell Gaffer the number plate of the car back in the pub, but Gaffer was the ultimate hasher and took the whole thing in his stride, or perhaps he was still in shock? Rizzo do you still remember the number plate in case he changes his mind?

No Principles lived up to her name and just came to the pub after getting her husband to do the run for her. Her excuse was she had got drunk a few days before and not realised how hot her hot water bottle was, and burnt her foot. I ask you, she had to go to hospital and everything. Her husband, it turned out, knew the virgin Tom and they were over heard talking work and using so much jargon in made your head spin. No Principles husband is also Tom so could this be a Tom -Tom club? Virgin Tom had run to work and back that day, some competition for Bee Flicker I think.

It was nice to see All Night Peeps back with her dog, the lovely Murphy, who now at 11 years old struggles to keep up and lost Peeps for which she got a down down. Morticia and Gomez were very impressed with the glorious bank of snow drops on the way to the pub looking translucent in the moon light. The snow drops I mean not Morticia and Gomez.

Rock hard stiffy was heard complaining that the short was too short, to which the response was ‘do the long then’. Other news was Overshot had new flashing shoes provided by Sniffer to stop him falling down rabbit holes. Cupid Stunt got attacked by a branch and Running Late rescued every body from a field,they had got lost in, so he was forgiven for short cutting.

Lazy Git pulled something on the hash and had to be driven back by Dead Man Walking. Hope he feels better now. Going Down was very impressed that she was back in the pub by 8.11 but she had done the short after tiring herself out at the weekend-I know the feeling.

Downs Downs went to Dead Man Walking and Boaty as hares. Overshot for flashing trainers. Tom the virgin for running so much he did not have the breath to talk in full sentences and had to use jargon. Tom not virgin (not sure why). Peeps for losing Murphy. Filth for flashing in the car park at the start of the hash.

On On to the Hunting Lodge, Lee Mill