Hash 1193


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Blackpool Sands Car Park
Blackpool Sands Car Park, Nr Stoke Fleming, TQ6 0RG
Hares: Cowpat & -
What 3 Words:

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The words according to Overshot

Firstly I would like to give a huge thank you to Troughie’s Son Dan and his Wife Nikki for an excellent beer stop combined with freshly baked pasties. He did his Father proud!

Secondly a personal thanks to Bee Flicker who came all the way from France just to give me a lift to the hash!  The Girls of East Allington have been busy of late and it was too much of a detour for Rizzo to pick me up. But hang on!  I have just realised that Nice BunsNo Principles and Pimples are all in line to do the words and maybe trying to keep their heads down in the hope the words pass them by. Nice try but I’ll make sure FlageNoLay catches you!

On to the hash, The tower and ballroom had been packed away for the winter, but even though there were a few donkeys still around, there was plenty of room to circle up on the beach for the first daylight start of the year.

The GM banned Olive for being sexist and gave an excellent introduction to all that gathered and after the Hares explained what was on offer we all set off.

Py was particularly bossy (I can see why Pinky goes off on month long train jaunts now!) at the first Long short split, insisting that I run along the dangerous road when there was a perfectly good footpath along side which went to the exact same place. As it transpires she was concealing the fact that the return trail was on that path and that the Longs had just embarked on a very long steep hilly lollipop around Strete. When the Long returned to the Short there was yet enough long steep hill up to Stoke Fleming and yet another up to Worden! All these hills made ReEntry and his dog Tor very happy and he was never seen again on the hash until the On Down. Bossy Py had laid a check back which was possibly the largest ever recorded, labelled a check back for idiots by the RA and was reprimanded for treating the hash as school kids. (in defence, I guess you need to assume Piddler is on the hash).

Talking of idiots, Banned Olive still did the hash and the Long anyway but decided to follow sheep’s wool rather than flour and almost did the hash again. Quite the opposite, Dimwit did the short as he was saving himself for the weekend’s A2B hash and it must be questioned to which club his loyalties lie!

Sticky Bush allegiances were also questioned as she was caught wearing another clubs colours at the On Down. The RA reminded us that she was a Doctor and therefore could not be trusted as far as you could throw her. This was proved by the fact that Running Late had confided in her about his piles problem and the remedy that he was using to relieve the pain. Sticky Bush could not keep the frozen carrot to herself and told anybody and everybody on the hash and in the pub as well as flagging down passing cars and a coach tour. Running Late also had a Lazy Git moment mid hash and was illuminated by 6 head torches relieving himself (no carrot this time). Jyde got lost in a field and had to be rescued by Morticia and Gomez, who grabbed him, turned him around, pointed him in the right direction and let him go.

Yet to be named Felicity at the circle up was told that the head torch she was wearing was the type that was known to blow up, So taking no further risks after she had finished with it, she left it outside the pub, but forgot to call in the military.

Rubbery got picky with accepting certain types of plastic that the hash collected particularly the small plastic bags from the dog owner contingent of the hash.

Finally Spotty Botty tried to exact revenge on Overshot for the previous week’s RAing by trying to run him over in her car but Overshot was too quick and outran her.

The RA, ReEntry thanked the hares for a great hash and the pub for their warm hospitality and down downs were awarded to the hare Cowpat, Dan and Nicky  for the beer stop, Dimwit for doing the short, Running Late for the carrot (who as too embarrassed to accept so sent Shirtlifter) and Blue Nun for helping Olive copy the RA’s notes for last week’s words.

On  to North Sands Car park, Salcombe and a very short hash no doubt.

On On Over……………………shot


On Down at the Green Dragon, Stoke Fleming