Hash 1203


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Mothecombe Car Park
Mothecombe, holbeton, PL8 1LB
Hares: Boaty McBoatface &
What 3 Words:

Event Type

  • The words according to Re-entry

    There was much concern before the hash had even begun over weather conditions. The initial choice for on downs of the Old School House was discarded as the proprietors favoured the Chelsea Tractor Brigade over the mud splattered peasant locals. Hence a plan was made, seeing as it was June, to do a beach BBQ. A wonderful idea in theory, but the Great British Weather had other ideas.

    Fortunately although clouds threatened it was a warm and dry evening at the circle up. Stand in GM Re-Entry called all to order, briefly explained the carpet burns to his face and identified 3 virgin hashers – names already forgotten but all local and brought along by Lazy Git and Twisted Sister, I think they all got back and hopefully we will see them again. No history was given, there were enough historical figures present anyway. One of whom, TB, despite his local knowledge was really struggling to find his way through the roads to Mothecombe.

    The hares (Boaty and Lazy Git) informed all that the walk was 2 miles, the short was 3 miles and the long was 6.5 miles.

    I have no idea what the walk and short were like, but Dimwit clearly opted to revert to his short hashing again as he was changed at the BBQ long before everyone else. The long was great from my point of view, a wealth of early checks, hill climbs and forestry running before a non mentally taxing leg stretch for the rest. Boaty had his camera out for the estuary mud section and I’m sure plenty of funny photos were acquired. A map of the hash dropped by the hares was discovered by Pugsley and The Jerk, who used it to navigate their way directly to the BBQ. Truly outstanding short-cutting.

    Having been the lead hasher back on the longs at 9pm it was clear that it would take certain others a while longer. The beach BBQ was a success, the rain held off and there were enough BBQs for all the meat. Possibly not so great for the climate, but it got cold anyway so some warming was appreciated. Gaffer announced that the long had in actual fact been 8.5 miles, minor concern for Barbarella, Low’t’arse, Vindaloo and Olive (henceforth referred to as BLOV) was registered at this point. Barbie kindly brought the car down to the beach in preparation for their return, although I’m sure this was more to save himself walking back up the hill.

    9.45pm came and went, the cloud cover thickened and darkness began to fall – concern for BLOV went from minor to moderate. It’s worth a mention that in the time they were missing Just Horny managed to win a race in Plymouth, drive to the hash, do the short and have a BBQ.

    10.00pm arrived, concern was forgotten whilst the virgin RA Deadman began. He briefly mentioned that BLOV were still MIA, a torch was seen but this was later found to be dog walkers. The poor RA began with an excellent summary of the hash but started to struggle as the heavens opened and his cardboard notes began to disintegrate before him. He was totally halted at 10.15pm when BLOV appeared out of the gloom, covered in mud and with Squash Balls in tow (no-one had even realised he was missing). Delight and rejoice from the anxious caring hashers, the majority were just wanting to get out of the rain. Deadman finally admitted that resistance to the darkness and rain was futile and swiftly wrapped the evening up. We thank him for standing in for Spotty Botty, who opted not to RA when she realised there were no half pints to award herself, just Whisperers Stella. Hopefully we will see Deadman RA fully, in a dry pub.

    Down Downs were awarded to:

    Hares: Boaty and Lazy Git

    Map Finder: Pugsley

    Carpet Burner: Re-Entry

    Birthday Girl Spotty Botty – only 40 can you believe (who refused the Stella and gave it to The Jerk)

    Running Late (not sure why)

    Stella in bottles was difficult to down for Pugsley, should make for an interesting rematch with Rizzo. Whisperer was devastated by the loss of his donated Stella, especially as he wasn’t awarded one.

    OnOn to the poshest of hashes at Buckland Tout Saints. Squash Balls has advised that they will do an extremely upmarket sausage and cheesy chips, that you can shower afterwards in one of the suites for £1 each (the same suite and shower mind) or a cold hose for free. Let me know how it goes, I’ll be in Madeira.

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