Hash 1204


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Buckland Tout Saints Hotel
Goveton , Nr Kingsbridge, TQ7 2DS
Hares: Squashed Balls &
What 3 Words:

Event Type

The words #1204 according to Rusty Bottom


A gorgeous Wednesday evening to gather at Buckland Tout Saints hotel car park, ready for the ‘short hash’ ahead in order that we can return to ‘spruce up’ for a sophisticated evening of drinkies and microscopic chip portions!!! . 

Overshot called us to circle up and filled us with the usual chuff about the history of the hotel.  I have no recollection of what it was; and Spotty Bottys notes are as much use as a chocolate tea pot so bear with……

Cheers went out for all the Hope24 runners the weekend before that totted up some great mileage between them, including a massive 85 miles from Plympton Hasher Triple Top (not in attendance!) who came third overall – and won…. The same medal everyone else received!.

A reminder went out for the Hash camp weekend and charity  red dress run. I have to thank Overshot for blimmin nominating me for writing these words, due to ‘sour grapes’ over my nabbing the last frock in the charity shop (hee hee!!!) better luck next time!

It appears there was some confused walkers who ended up walking the long, the use of (LR) on  the road appeared to vex those that maybe weren’t listening properly at circle up!!!??? Miss Mouthful, Vindaloo, Cowpat and Whisperer all went further than anticipated. (I may have this info wrong…continue to bear with……)

Squashed balls took his time tootling to the Beer Stop and missed the Front runners completely. He misjudged the thirstiness of the hashers too and ran out of Prosecco (boo). Nice Buns said “the fishballs tasted funny” – not sure she knew they were eggs?? Sticky bush had an amuse bouche prior to the beer stop, gobbling up a fly before chomping on olives and fish balls! And Pugsley was most concerned about his chafing nipples…..

Back to the carpark to negotiate wriggling out of the running clothes into something snazzy, and everyone finally managed to scrub up well and order their food and drinks. 

Small appetites were catered for and hotel embarrassment meant that  a few “extra chips” came out to share about. Squashed balls was a wee bit embarrassed about it all. Not to worry though!…. We’ll all know to eat first if we ever go there again! 

Down downs were awarded to :

Squashed balls for hare-ing, Sticky bush for adding something extra to her diet, Whinnie the Pooh (don’t know what for), B off (also not sure what for!) Nice buns for her fish balls and Pugsley for his poorly nips.

On on to the Elburton Inn, 

Rusty Bottom 

P.s (I’ll pay more attention next time I write the words, instead of enjoying myself too much – honest!!)