Hash 1213


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Packhorse Inn
1 Plymouth Road, South Brent, Devon, TQ10 9BH
Hares: Ahso & Sushi
What 3 Words:

Event Type

The Words Hash 1213 according to Traffic Jam

All the S’s seemed to have done their turns at scribing, so we were on to the T’s … and, before I could put my brain into gear and think about the logistics of writing the Words, Rear Entry had volunteered me.  Thanks.

Now, the thing is, the grandchildren were visiting, so we were only planning to jog the ‘walkers route’ and then scoop them up and home to bed.  However, we left Harry behind at the pub with strict instructions to come back with the RAs notes .. good plan .. at least it would have been .. but could I read any of them??? Not a single word!  I’d be in need of a code breaker to decipher them for sure.

As for the walkers route .. well, we were escorted a good deal of the way by AhSo before she sloped off on jelly baby duties.  The only tricky obstacle on the route being a sloping sheet of rock .. about chest height .. which, with my cricky knee, proved slightly problematic and it was only modesty which prevented me from asking Tyred Bunny for a helping hand.

Back to the RA notes …

1 .. 97 Hashers turned up to South Brent this evening.
2 .. Barbie went off with another group [does he think he’s too good for SH4?]
3 .. Sticky Bush did some illegal parking on double yellows [what’s new?]
4 .. Running Late’s niece cut her leg, which was cleaned and dressed by a total stranger.
5 .. Gary Glitter had a nose bleed [what’s new?]
6 .. Dimwit & Boatie had a falling out over parking [what’s new?]
7 .. Tyred Bunny was celebrating his 60th birthday .. really??
8 .. Willy Waiver missed the sweetie stop .. aw, bless.

And so, DownDowns were awarded to the Hares .. AhSo & Sushi.
To Tyred Bunny for aforementioned significant birthday.
To Eleanor the wounded virgin.
And to Dimwit…. proving that you don’t actually have to attend the Hash to be able to write a load of rubbish about it.

And it’s OnOn to Stanborough Hundred where the latest news is that the weather forecast has caused the BBQ to be cancelled and the OnDowns will be at the Fortescue Arms in East Allington.


Circle up in Station Car Park