Hash 1218


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Wrangaton Golf Club
Golf Links Road, Wrangaton, Devon, TQ10 9HJ
Hares: Sticky Bush & Easily Led
What 3 Words: trouser.breached.standard

Event Type

The Words Hash 1218 according to Tight Arse

THE WORDS: HASH 1218 – Wrangaton Golf Club

We circled up in the mist at Wrangaton Golf Club (it could have been anywhere though as you couldn’t see beyond the car park). I thought I’d maybe got away without writing the words having missed a few hashes recently while on the Ts. Unfortunately though Meaty Whore wasn’t feeling that generous and dobbed me in.

So, after a very brief history of the local Wrangutan population on Dartmoor we set off – sensibly down the road instead of up onto the moor.  Spot set off at his usual high speed dragging me down to Lady’s Wood.  Somehow Rubbery seemed to have set off in advance and was standing ready to take photos of us all falling over in the river.  After being dragged up a stream, through a lot of mud and brambles and having to throw the dog over a few stray bits of barbed wire and a fence we made it back to something resembling a path.

A bit more mud later and we made it up onto the moor where apparently there was a disappointing lack of wildlife, except for the parliament of owls (who seemed not to have been prorogued…).  Having said that we did come across one sheep, or rather it came hurtling out of the mist and nearly went headlong into us having apparently been scared by something – can’t imagine what is scary about a load of humans with torches on yelling on-on.

Eventually we made it to a well-deserved beer stop (and gin-stop) where Ging-gang apparently managed to fart, fall over and spill her gin (maybe not in that order…).  It was then on-on back to the golf club and just in case anyone was feeling deprived of a full moorland run the last section made up for it with bog and gorse.  Spotty Botty and Flage foolishly followed Whisperer through a gorse bush.  For some people 5 and half miles in the rain wasn’t enough and Re-entry propositioned Overshot who he’d been racing all evening to ‘take him up the Beacon’.

Down downs were awarded to:
Twisted sister – 100th hash
Ging-gang – farting (although somehow managed to claim she ‘didn’t drink’ and nominated Re-entry instead)
Sticky Bush and Easily Led – hares
Re-entry – for propositioning Overshot
Overshot – for turning down Re-entry
Whisperer – for leading innocent female hashers astray
Yuk – for being in safe hands

On-on to Kingsbridge Rugby Club