Hash 1222


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Miner's Arms
Hemerdon Lane, Hemerdon, Devon, PL7 5BU
Hares: Pugsley &
What 3 Words:

Event Type

Hash 1222 The Words according to Willy Waiver 
We arrived at the Miners Arms at a respectable time to find the place deserted, is this right we wondered, who shall we phone?

Anxiety slightly reduced when Bit of Rough appeared out of the mist wondering similar things. Anxiety hugely reduced with the appearance of a cold wet hare. He explained he had arrived to reconnoiter yesterday and discovered that somebody had put the biggest open cast mine in the known universe, well at least biggest this side of Lee Moor, in the middle of his hash. He had been there for 36 hours in the rain sorting things out for us, with a bit of extra help from Orrible who had by then had enough of the rain and gone home.

We circled up as the rain got heavier and our illustrious GM told us what we knew already, except that I was to write the words. Well I thought ‘wet wet wet’ would be a good hanger for this report BUT as we set off the sky cleared the stars came out and the moon rose and it seemed that ‘Pugsley pulls it off’ might be better.

All went smoothly with the longs. We might have been supposed to wade along a stream for a bit, but as there was no one to ask, all far to far ahead by then, thought perhaps we weren’t meant to after all, and went with that. A little further on, encountering what RA Overshot latter declared the longest hard shoulder in hashing history, I got my phone out to find out how far it was to the next exit, only to discover I had the same map as Pugsley. I was apparently running across a nice open area of downland in the general direction of Hemerdon. I was brought back to reality by a stentorian ‘on on’ from Dimmers drifting up the valley, more of this latter.

So returned to the pub to find out that in contrast the shorts had had it rough. Jyde had run into a stray fence post and floored himself, limping back to the pub. The rest were then ensnared by certain hashers who should really have been doing the long instead of messing about. These miscreants on discovering the Ha-Ha instead of returning to warn their slower colleagues, stood, yes stood, on the HA-HA and loudly shouted ‘on on’ to encourage them all down into a deep entangled valley from which there was no return, or something like that.

Back at the pub there were moanings from some of the FRBs, Pugsley’s announced distance for the hash was ‘not long enough.’ You just can’t win!

A succession of Harriets, Twin Buffers quite painfully, brained themselves on the listed lintel of the door to the back bar, no previous experience of the Duck or Grouse concept unfortunately.

And on to the RA, whose notes I can’t read. Welcome back to Re-entry whose new governor seems to be defective as he was going as fast as ever. Bit of Rough has found the secret of time travel and has been consistently arriving before he left over the last few months. Good on him.

The down downs went to Pugsley the hare, Jyde for taking on a fence post,Winnie the Pooh for making it to the pub after a 3 day epic, Bit of Rough for time travel or cheating,
Gaffer for moaning, and Doggy Style for something that I can’t read.

As I have been slow to write this there is also time to mention a notable week for the Adams family. As well as Pugsley’s tenacity on Sunday on Boaty’s sponsored ride to raise money for Rowcroft Hospice, Gomez and Morticia rode their electric bikes from Bovey up to Haytor without using their engines! They felt they couldn’t so as not to to defraud their sponsors. I think they deserve double payment. As my not easily impressed wife put it, if they can do that they don’t need electric bikes.

On On to the Court Farm Inn, in somewhere called Abbotskerswell which is apparently somewhere far to the east just before Denbury Diesels