Hash 1375 – AGPU


7:30 pm - 10:30 pm


Fisherman's Rest
Fore Street, Aveton Gifford, Devon, TQ7 4JL
Hares: Pugsley &
What 3 Words: zoomed.trappings.generated

Event Type

The words according Penny Pinching Puffer

Hashers turned up in full force for the AGM evening at Aveton Gifford with the promise of a bargain £2 nosh up at the end!

The evening got off to a promising start with the mild night air and miraculously no rain!!! Ging Gang and 4xP’s soon came a cropper on the walkers route. With the usual amount of constant chin wagging they missed the bridge crossing en route and ended up turning back after only 15 mins…typical! They elected instead for the Short route but walking of course!

Shame it was dark, the views would’ve been spectacular. Miss Mouthful was busy having a jar full at the bar early on citing work stress, unusually not a squeak out of her!!?!

Nobody could catch Nice Buns, Squashed Balls was decidedly firm that evening, Gary Glitter was awol and Rubbery was melting in the heat.

Rizzo was her usual elegant self and conducted the AGM with great aplomb. Not that anyone was listening mind you…..too busy catching up, tucking in and drinking down. Microphone next time purrr..lease!

Onwards and upwards to the Xmas Hash Bash, it can’t come soon enough…..