Hash 1381


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Salcombe Park And Ride Car Park
Bonfire Hill, Salcombe, Devon, TQ8 8FG
Hares: Filth &
What 3 Words: seaside.alarm.joyously

Event Type

On Down:
Fortescue Inn
Union street

The words according Jane

Having missed out on only 1373 hashes with the South Hams Hash Harriers, I was lucky enough to experience a hash at Salcombe under the light of the last (almost) full moon of 2022. The Cold Moon, and boy was it cold at 0 degrees. All perfectly acceptable for a fully fledged hasher, but insane for a newby who feels the cold. But the spectacular winter scenery more than made up for it. From Snapes Point under a purpley black sky, across the estuary Salcombe twinkled like a giant christmas tree. I had to stop running time and time again just to marvel at the sight. Any excuse…

Filth and Little Chef laid the trail and bragged (according to some) that it was a good one and I had to agree. She kindly saved us a hill by starting at the park and ride, but this unfortunately left a few of the hashers freezing while waiting for the slower hashers to return for car shares. They should’ve slowed down and enjoyed the scenery like me.

Olive was expecting a bus to take her round (from Modbury).

Re-entry got confused by a loitering car, missed a check and got well behind.

Boaty and Flagenolay led half the shorts the wrong way, all the way up to join the longs.

Lots of us were left pondering at Snapes Point for lack of dots, but on the flip side the bushes proved useful for a pee stop (please, not my future hash name).

Wet Spot poor chap, ran an extra two miles and ended up back at the beer stop – bad day Wet Spot?

Filth managed to get a couple of volunteers to help at the beer stop, but the cold proved too much for them so there was only one thing she could do standing there on her own to keep arm…mmm…Amaretto!

Who Gives a Shit didn’t give a shit at all when he persuaded Rusty Bottom, Lactaster, Rizzo and Emma to climb over a fence to take a short cut which wasn’t. He then joined up with the one and only (feeling vulnerable) walker Squash Balls back to base. Not sure Squash balls felt any less vulnerable.

Twisted Sister was not at all worried about her mother and Barberella being lost on the hash. I must take my dear mother and sister on a hash in the dark.

And I got back to the car looking forward to putting some warm clothes on and found myself locked out as the key fob had got too cold. So I looked about for the shiftiest looking hasher and there was Wet Spot who low and behold remembered some old tricks and got it open! So thank you Wet Spot and everyone else who helped. Please approach me and I’ll buy you a drink! (that will tell us how many hashers read the words).

Someone else had the same thing happen but I wasn’t sure who it was as it was dark and everyone looks the same to me in the dark.

Ooh and I mustn’t forget! Overshot won the hash! (despite it NOT being a race).

Astrologically the Cold Moon was in Gemini, ruled by Mercury the fastest planet. An air sign, the energy of which is quick, changeable and dual. Overshot is a Gemini so it all makes perfect sense if you believe in that sort of thing. I just think he’s a great runner!

Thanks for being so welcoming. I think this could be a beautiful thing!

See Y’all in West Charleton.

Jane xxx