Hash 1404


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Ring O Bells
6 Phoenix Place, West Alvington, England, TQ7 3PG, Devon
Hares: Half Hard & Spunky
What 3 Words: treaties.fillings.mistaken

Event Type

The words according to Willy Waiver

I’ve been putting writing this off, as you do, but mainly because Spotty Botty kindly handed me her notes after finishing RAing and I’ve lost them!

So just if I can’t just copy them I guess its down to ChatGPT which came up with this:

‘I’m sorry, I’m not sure what you are referring to with “SH4 hash 1404 at West Alvington.” Could you please provide more context or information so that I can better understand your request and assist you?

I bit of work to do there I think, but it might be worth investing some time for future short cutting scribes

So as there seems to be no other option but to use memory and imagination.

Firstly as I recall it was essential that it was recorded in the words, as a true and accurate record of events, that Jyde walked the walk, and indeed talked the talk. This is apparently necessary because Heckle was concerned that he had not spent the day preparing both mentally and physically for the hash and instead had been standing on a coffee table being dragged over the water by a kite. By the by I saw a kid doing this last summer on an inflatable coffee table pulled by a weird umbrella, and when he had finished it all packed up into a rucksack, amazing, but I digress.

Another thing springs to mind Gomez got a down down, though I am not clear whether it was for trying to dodge his 70th birthday or for reaching his 70th, anyway happy birthday was sung with exceptional tunelessness, but that might just have been because I was standing infront of Overshot.

This memory game is working quite well Rubbery also got a down down and a 400 T shirt, a lot of hashes and even more photos.

The pub was thanked, but I gather it only did one proper ale, not very pubby, though thanks to the generosity of other hashers I didn’t have to go to the bar myself to verify this. Which reminds me, Squashballs feeling guilty about picking on me with the new fangled scribe arrow bought me a drink, very kind of him, but is this another new thing? Anyway if next time anyone is prepared to stand still flong enough for me to point the arrow at them I’ll happily buy them a drink.

Moving on to the hash, it was a lovely evening and beautifully laid, no serious incident that I can remember, so thanks to the hares half hard and spunky, oh yeah for the true and accurate record they also got down downs.

The walk was too hilly or not hilly enough, and yes Hyde did walk it, and maybe Snot Gobbler fell over? The short was medium and a lot of muck was spread around. The long apparently long, so long in fact that short cutting was required on health and safety grounds of course, ‘shortage of torches and night drawing in’.

So its on on to pasties at the Crooked Spire