Hash 1423 – Barbie, BYO Meat or Veg


7:30 pm - 11:30 pm


Truckers Field
Teign valley, Trisha Junction, TQ13 0NU
Hares: Broken Man & & Fallen Woman
What 3 Words: swoop.dominate.riskiest

Event Type

The words according to Lazy Git

Hash No. 1423 – Truckers Field BBQ near Chudleigh – Hares – Fallen Woman & Assistants
RA – Overshot
Stand In Words Editor – Rubbery until next AGPU – volunteers welcome…..

Thank you LazyGit for submitting the words to me on time – a shining example for you all! – Editor

We all packed our bags ready for the excursion out of South Hams and up the Teign Valley to some Truckers Field, he was a very nice Trucker and welcomed us warmly.

During the circle up it appears that I some how volunteered to write the words without moving a muscle, odd that, so beware!
The hares Fallen Woman, Man Pig and Forest Stump gave us reassurance that it was a well marked trail and we couldn’t possibly go wrong!
So off we went up a long long hill to be guided to by the helpful Trucker who had ridden ahead on his electric bike.
So up and down we went round and round but we did find a lovely little 13th century church at Trusham called the Archangel Micheal, so a few of us took 5 minutes to go look inside, it was really very well kept and rather cute.
We finally made it back to that Truckers field for beer and BBQ.

Our esteemed RA Overshot gave us a breakdown…….sorry of what occurred on the trail.
Apparently Broken Man celebrated his 80th birthday here, apparently 20 years ago!
It seems that Re-entry arrived first but then had to shoot off early to buy some nappies, incontinence can strike at any time.
The can’t go wrong trail confused our very experienced hasher so much he went round twice at one point, Gaffer and Whisperer would have done the same if not for some fools telling them they’d gone wrong, where’s the fun?
She’s Ready didn’t kick out checks or call, but she wasn’t the only one.

Olive got back at 8.45 a record for her I think she even had time for a swim, Barbarella was away is that why she got back early?
Wetspot, often mistaken for Freddie Kruger, was annoyed with Come Tonight and shouting abuse at her dog to get out of his way. Also Who Gives a Shit was whipping him with stinging nettles because he’d pushed him over, probably looks even more like Freddie Kruger now. Can’t Come apparently suffering from a calf strain at the start did some stretching exercises and managed to strain the other calf.
There were many birthdays to celebrate but most of them were absent so we picked on another poor soul and did the usual murdering of the song.
Ding Dong had brought a guest along, she lives in Totnes and likes a bit of weed so it was decided to name her Merrily High.

Down downs went to
Fallen Woman,
Man Pig
Forest Stump
She’s Ready
Merrily High
Blown Off
and the charming Trucker.

On on to Hopeless Cove