Hash 1427


7:30 pm - 11:30 pm


Watermans Arms
Bow Bridge, Ashprington, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 7EG
Hares: Whisperer &
What 3 Words: fuzzy.lavender.divisible

Event Type

Hash No. 1427 – The Watermans Arms – Hare – Whisperer

RA – Overshot

Stand In Words Editor – Rubbery until next AGPU – volunteers welcome…..

We circled up outside the Watermans Arms near Ashprington on a clear warm September evening,
After delivering another hilarious joke for the week, Rizzo informed us that we were in the presence of not only a comedy genius but also a few athletic Gods who had survived multiple miles over Dartmoor the previous weekend. I was hoping that this might slow them down this week, but I was wrong.

After a short briefing from Whisperer , we all set off towards Tuckenhay, for what we were assured was a flat Hash….

Seeing that Whisperer had laid the trail on his lonesome, it was a well laid hash using a mixture of Chalk and flour, impressive artistic stuff!
However, there was one curious check in the middle of a track with the only viable option was to continue on the path. This didn’t stop Wetspot finding someone gullible enough to be randomly directed upwards towards a dense thicket – not mentioning any names… but well done Shaggy!

On the subject of gullible people, Overshot took route advice from some local dog walkers who informed that there was loads and loads of chalk down a particular path, only to be greeted, loads of yards later, by loads of chalk forming a perfect large cross!,.
Overshot later informed us that it didn’t take long to catch up – perhaps he was one of these “Athletic Gods” that we had been told about?

On the subject of going the wrong way… Hair Raiser Nutcracker turned up at the wrong pub, and that was before the hash even got started. Knownuts fault apparently!

Ching Chong had her hash delayed due to stumbling across some errant dogs on her way to the hash, one of which jumped into her car.
She managed to track down a very grateful ‘owner’ who was supposed to be dog-sitting.
I wonder what their dog-sitting reviews on Trip Advisor are like!?

On the subject of errant dogs…The trail was made all the more interesting, by having to overcome a pack of additional obstacles of the four legged variety –that kept weaving in between hashers legs for most of the trail allegedly tripping people up– it certainly didn’t slow down Overshot who took great delight in informing us that he won the ‘not a race’ hash.

Anouk, the owner of the hash tripping dog pack, duly went through a dog themed naming ceremony, names ranging from dogging, dogger, howler, before finally settling on the name Growler!!

And finally – On the subject of tripping up! .. Undercovers took a tumble, removing a large strip of skin from the arm,
This time it couldn’t be blamed on any of the dogs – Wetspot (yes, him again) looked very guilty, the big grin giving the “who done it” game away.

Other mentions went to car parking maestro Rubbery – who discovered the high tide mark against the tyres of his car!

After thanking the pub – Down downs were awarded to:-

Andy – virgin
James – virgin
Whisperer – Hare
Ching Chong –- nominated Can’t Come
Growler – nominated Softwood

On On to South Brent – Station House

Bad Cock