Hash 1434 – Halloween Theme


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Creek's End Inn
Squares Quay, Kingsbridge, TQ7 1HZ
Hares: Filth &
What 3 Words: reflected.heap.chariots

Event Type

The Words According to Goolie

Stand In Words Editor – Rubbery until next AGPU – volunteers welcome…..
Hash 1434 from Kingsbridge – Hares Filth and Nut Cracker
RA Goolie
Well tonight’s hash was obviously dominated by storm Ciaran, our third named
storm since September, we now look forward to the next one probably Dorothy.
The numbers who showed up, prove that we have far too many Fairweather hashers.
Come on , think of the poor hares , they have been out in or that weather, the least you do is come and run it.
However, the weather during the afternoon was quite good , sunny and warm.
When we arrived, they were both sporting a glass of wine well into the second glass as well.
They had no intention of going out again.
Very hard to feel sorry for them.
Due to my invalided wife, we set off on the walk along with Squash Balls and Twin Buffers.
As the longs being only one mile longer than the shorts the longs were back before the shorts
1st to be spotted was Gaffer and Tripple Top changing outside of the pub to the delight of many passers-by and themselves
When asked Tripple Top stated there was nothing to report nobody fell over or anything
Gaffer was very upset due to Dim Wit racing him to the end. He said why would anybody want to race, a 66-year-old? Just wait for another 10 years Gaffer nobody will even want to walk with you
He also stated, although it was a short Hash it was very difficult
One of the slopes was very hard to slide down, although WGAS managed to go it down like a racing snake, with other less agile hashers hoping to see him go A.O.T
Being disappointed they then followed, meanwhile the shorts were no where to be seen
Suddenly Know Nuts appeared at the door of the pub declaring he was 1st back from the shorts. (Has it just become a race now)? Only later to discover he wasn’t telling the whole truth or nothing like the whole truth. Lowtarse and Barbarella was only too pleased to inform me that they were 1st back on the shorts only they changed. Due to the fact they only did the shorts they had to continue the conversation in the car.
Another not so quite truth was told by T T T , as it appears, he fell over much to the delight of Blown Off., who jumped over him and said you’re getting in the way again.
Just a little bit of karma as on Sunday in the Plymton Hash it was the other way round.
Gym Slip was reported to have a bad back due to a damaged Coccys.
According to our resident ex Pungo, this was due to the fact that he was an ex Boot Nick, which he had a delight in telling me was part of the Navy.
By this time, Gaffer was getting very worried about Yuck.
It seems that a lot of the shorts have got lost, as there are no Hares to direct them, it appears Jyde lead Pickpocket and her friend into the woods only to be rescued by Yuck.
This is not the first time Jyde has done this trick.
When I named him many years ago, it was because he had led some young females into the woods.
A leopard never changes its spots.
Congratulations to Overshot, being one of the few who dressed up for the occasion, some like it more than others.
I was informed that poor Dimwit has been suffering from a hooping cough for many weeks.
This however, has not stopped him from coming to the hash
After the pub been thanked. for their hospitality (take note, Overshot, and Rubbery Ed. ???).
Downtowns were awarded to
the two hares Nut Cracker and Flith
Jyde, for leading young females astray and living up to his reputation
Yuck for saving the night
Gym Slip for suffering a bad back
and Triple Top for lying
Dimwit was awarded for suffering from hooping cough, but we only had six drinks which is quite normal but I can’t count.
On on to Challaborough for Bonfire and Fireworks.