Hash 1437 – SH4 Away Weekend


12:30 pm - 4:30 pm


Dartmoor Training Centre
Dartmoor Training Centre, Near Two Bridges, Princetown, Devon, PL20 6SA
Hares: Rear Entry, Just Horny & & Tripple Top
What 3 Words: lions.splinters.grunt

Event Type

The Words According to Georgie P’Orgy

Stand In Words Editor – Rubbery **Last one Shaggy takes over next week! x

Pre Christmas 2023 hash,18th -19th November

As we climbed up to the moors we found ourselves in quite overpowering bracing winds,low cloud cover and light, yet persistent rainfall.
Prince’s Hall was a warm and welcoming site…until the large glass sliding sliding door jammed open and allowed the bracing wind to engulf us once more.
Decorations went up and ‘Filth’ was well away in preparing our warming 12 o’ clock snack comprising of two hearty, delicious soups!
Small numbers were arriving and by midday we were almost full numbers, apart from a few that were struggling to find our isolated weekend retreat.
12.30 after welcoming, Pisswell a new hasher to South hams, Rizzo ‘took’ the circle.
I was awarded the task of weekend words, then my sudden realisation we were currently without a computer struck absolutely no discord with her and I was told to get on with it and hand write them!
Gaffer was awarded the horn, which was also resisted his excuse was; being too heavy to carry, that sentiment was also rebuffed.
We set off to the main road, free of rain and a good sidewinder to help us along on our almighty challenge….already we had one faller.
We crossed the road to meet the terrain that we pummelled over for the next 3-4 hours – apart from a random few that is, who set off towards the nearest pub, their luck was in as soon after 30 young, drenched females arrived who thereby removed their sodden clothes including bras, who were then unsurprisingly welcomed to join our hash by you know who, ‘Goolie’ !
Saturated,peaty, soil, almost Marsh like conditions where tolerated, apart from one male hasher ‘Piddler’, who took a rather circular route to avoid getting his feel wet!
A good mile was crossed onto a welcome road, with the wind behind us this time, down to a short/ walkers division.
The longs and shorts covered Huccaby tor and then onto Fairy Bridge at Sherberton, us walkers ( sometimes runners) route took us up alongside
Cherry woods where simultaneously the end row of fir trees had been completely blown over, somewhat of a dystopian landscape scene emerged…..continuing completely sheltered from the wind by the woods, this became the most enjoyable and picturesque stretch of the trail for us.
We began a climb to Bellever tor exposed again by the battling wind.
We passed a group of ponies, taking shelter behind a column of granite formations.
The climb to the top was acceptable, but down proved a challenge, steep and marshy!
Although the majority of moorland is open landscape, there were occasional gates, but today for some reason, that had been surrounded by ‘pondlike’ configurations.
One gently crossed it not knowing what was lurking beneath.
Then followed by a dry stone wall which took us out to another main road, which when crossed took us into a hollow, whereby we were quickly surrounded by cows…..a hasty ascent followed.
The correct trail we then struggled to find but now facing a head on wind we weaved through the marshy terrain, crossing a stream, which had now become almost a river clinging on tightly to a perimeter fence, to stop us being washed away.
Prince’s Hall was a welcome sight and on entering we spotted ‘Hekkels’ famous, forever Christmas cake, as Mary Poppins would say; Practically perfect in every way, surrounded by ‘Nice Buns, very nice buns, both absolutely delicious, with a hot mug of tea!
‘Just Horny’ was our first lady back and ‘ Blown off’ our first male.
The distances covered were between 7.25 and 15 miles- a magnificent hash laid be ‘Re entry’ ‘Just Horny’ and ‘Triple top’- thank you so very much.
Afternoon tea was followed by games, ‘Piltdown man’s’ famous ABC quiz won by ‘ Who gives a shit’. Making a wedding dress with toilet paper was won by the ladies. Balloon bursting ? not sure, Spoon the lemons??, Musical chairs, was a tie, the men lost and were assigned the duty of washing up the following morning after Sunday mornings ‘Hare of the dog trail’.
‘Little chef’ did a beautiful Thai chicken meal followed by a sumptuous chocolate ganache pudding. Thank you so very much.
Post dinner skits were ‘Pony shafter’ with his own rendition of ‘Wild Rover’. Pirates; ‘Rubbery’, ‘Twisted sister’ and ‘ Nutcracker ‘ hurling broken limbs off their ship into the audience, finally ‘Piltdown man’ and ‘Georgie p’ orgy’ doing ‘Piltdown’s’ own version of; ‘There’s a hole in me bucket’.
Down downs included “Boaty’ for the supply of Sloe gin pre hash plus Boaty’s bar raising money for children’s charities, plus music which continued until 3.00am apparently! Hares and kitchen staff, thank you all so very much.

Sunday morning and a ‘sturdy’ group of hashers circled up. Beefy a new hasher for South hams was welcomed and we set off- to say this was another challenge would be an understatement, every foot had to be retrieved from the sink, boggy, peaty ground, a few hundreds meters but which took us a while to master, then up over the bridge under up through the trees to the open moorland once more.
Approximately a mile and a half then back home to a hearty, fabulous breakfast prepared by ‘Rubbery’.(Ed. – I can’t take all the praise for breakfast I was ably assisted by Twisted Sister and Filth) I would like to say a big thank you to all hashers behind the scenes who made this a fabulous weekend……on on
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