Hash 1447


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Fortescue Arms
Green Hill, East Allington, Devon, TQ9 7RA, Devon
Hares: Overshot & Rusty Bottom
What 3 Words: sectors.beside.heaven

Event Type

The Words according to HALF HARD BUT PLAYFUL

We gathered on a freezing cold winter’s eve in the darkest depths of EAST ALLINGTON, rounding up outside the delightful Fortescue Arms.

Rizzo showed up (almost) on time, despite living just round the corner. There were lots of double B’s. Not sure why. Bugger Bastard, Both Bollocks, Banvey (illegible) Bullshit.
Anyway, we had a couple of virgins and visitors, Jordan and Direk – one who holds the ParkRun record, so should be giving the FRBs a run for their money (if they decide to return!).

Talking of FRBs, Second Coming turned up with not enough clothes and went out into the night wearing just a t-shirt – and then complained about how cold it all was. Re(ar) Entry spent the course choosing every wrong check, doubling back on himself continuously, and getting very cross, while his dog often picked the right route. He also did something to horses, but from Spotty’s notes it’s not clear what. Something to do with Pugsley and running across fields.

Lazy Git spent the evening doing a Patrick Moore impression, gazing at the stars (it was a particularly beautiful night). Goolie’s torch ran out, so he probably got a good chance to see the stars too. Dimmers shared his torch with someone, but I’m not entirely sure who – those notes again. Probably Goolie??

Olive had a wonderful start to the evening by driving to Dartmouth to get to East Allington. She also wore her slippers for the hash, but luckily remembered to change into her trainers before embarking on the run. Not that her trainers helped much: mid-bog (with lots of squeals and screams), she lost one of her shoes and after much hilarity, banter and laughter, managed to get it back – only to lose the other one a few steps later. Rizzo was heard squealing in the mud. Not sure if this is related.

All in all it was a PROPER hash. Mud, barbed-wire, marsh and streams. All jolly good fun.

Second Coming made the ultimate faux pas and wore his muddy shoes into the pub – and earned himself a Down Down.

Other Down Downs were awarded to:
• Rusty and Overshot for being incredible hares.
• Jordan for maybe being the really fast one? Or maybe just the one who stuck around?
• Pugsley for the horse/field incident with Rear Entry.
• And Olive for being Olive. (Ed. Filth nominated in Olive’s place, as unfortunate passenger on the Dartmouth detour) .
On On to LEE MILL.