Hash 1448


7:30 pm - 11:30 pm


The Westward Inn - Lee Mill
The Westward Inn, Lee Mill Bridge, Ivybridge , Devon, PL21 9EE
Hares: Low-T-Arse & Barbarella
What 3 Words: festivity.tolerable.teeth

Event Type

The Words according to PILTDOWN MAN

Hash 1448 – LEE MILL

The Words according to Piltdown Man

The night was dark, the car park chilly.
Would the run be flat or hilly?
Barbarella and Low-t-arse told
Us of the details that would unfold.
She’s Ready was the chosen RA,
Info gathered in a hurry.
The trial was laid with plenty flour:
Would we be back within the hour?
The first part was a muddy ditch,
I didn’t go there, but who would snitch?
Up a farm track some had tried,
‘Get off my land!’ the owner cried.
On to fields with mud and grass,
Oh dear, is that Rizzo on her arse?
A little further, what are we seeing?
It’s only Lazy Git a-peeing.
A long/short split, a big decider,
There was Barbie with mulled cider.
We went with walkers and the dogs,
The ground was flat, not many bogs.
A joyful sight, ‘On Home’ was spotted,
Through the homes the flour was dotted.
In the pub we filled the bar,
There’s time to sit and have a jar.
The room was empty ‘part from us,
I bet the bar staff didn’t fuss.
Nearby Tesco welcomed Ging-Gang,
Goolie followed with hunger-pang.
I don’t know what they were about
With Ging-Gang’s cardi inside out…
Two milestone shirts were gave away:
Barbie and Doggy [Style] – it made their day.
Husband of Low-t-arse on the mend,
He said to wife, “Do please attend”.
I’m sorry if I’ve missed much more.
We’ll see you next week that’s for sure.


Ed. Down Downs were awarded to:
• Low-t-arse and Barbarella.
• Rizzo for falling (and failing to be rescued)
• Barbie & Doggy Style for 300-run and 100-run milestone t-shirts, respectively.
• Jyde (nominated by Ging-Gang [for unconventional cardigan-wearing and alleged associated saucy shenanigans]?).
• Olive (nominated by Doggy Style?)
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