Hash 1451


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Cricket Inn
The Cricket Inn, Beesands, TQ7 2EN
Hares: Lactaster & & Dirty Nights
What 3 Words: sandwich.adventure.arena

Event Type

The Words according to SECOND COMING

Hash 1451 – BEESANDS

Please forgive me as I am quite dyslexic,
And writing is not my game.

Someone once said, “Can you spell that?”
But I can’t spell my own name.

‘Twas a wet and windy start,
At the lovely Cricket Inn;

Not the biggest show of faces,
But the toughest still turned in.

Which is more than can be said
For Overshot and Flage,

Who have certainly earned themselves
The Fair-weather Hashing badge.

Dirty Nights declared,
“You, honestly, can’t get lost.

Just try to follow Olive,
But it’ll be at your own cost…”

Whilst we were all out getting drenched,
Who Gives A Shit lived up to his name,

As a very appropriate illness
Left him feeling rather lame.

Onto the hash we went,
And I slipped in every bog.

The only thing I managed to miss
Was Ching Chong kissing a frog.

Sounds of sorrow could be heard
From Rear Entry, with a sniffle.

But, as usual, off he disappeared:
What a great big load of old piffle!

Upon returning to the pub,
This ‘she’ was soaked right to the core:

“Who brought me here? Where am I?”
Rizzo could remember no more.

“Never fear!” screamed Ching Chong,
Who came to save the day.

But she turned out to be just as lost,
Looking for that needle in the hay.

Though the hash was slightly chilly,
Ears burned in the pub when Olive was over-heard.

Was ‘fit’ meant in the running sense?
Or has she a different meaning for the word?

DOWN DOWNS went to she who dares,
The Dirty Nights and Lactaster hares;

To Ging Gang on her 1100th Jog,
To myself, Dídac and Pugsley, who squashed the frogs.

On On to the Church House Inn at CHURCHSTOW 💘