Hash 1463


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Tradesman's Arms - Stokenham
The Tradesman's Arms, Stokenham, Devon, TQ7 2SZ
Hares: Bit of Ruff & & Little Chef
What 3 Words: pranced.sprinkle.ethic

Event Type

The Words according to CAN’T COME

Hash 1463 – STOKENHAM

Firstly I’d like to point out, just for the record, so there’s no element of doubt on this point: I do actually have two children.

So we all gathered at the newly-refurbed Tradesman’s Arms in Stokenham. According to Google, there are five such named pubs, three of which are in the South Hams – aren’t we the lucky ones? Also according to Google, there are no pubs called The Trademan’s Entrance – well, I was curious (he he). Rizzo joked about a restaurant on the moon not having any atmosphere – I do like the pre-hash jollity!!

The hares (Bit of Ruff and Little Chef) gave an overview including mention of lots of L/S splits; this glosses (Ed. or washes? Or were you maybe already thinking of the still-fresh paint [and your post-hash pint] inside the pub, Can’t Come?) over me when all I’m thinking about is the calm before the pain.

It was the first “dry” hash in months, through lots of fields embossed with tractor tread, pink sheep and stream jumps. Gaffer short-cut the graveyard, claiming he was coffin-dodging; Lazy Git and Squashed Balls were overheard having a botany conversation, whereas Overshot and Triple Top were observed bromancing. Willy Waver demonstrated 10/10 gate vaulting – last time I saw one of those was by Ging Gang (equally elegant). Overshot claimed to see a rabbit chasing a pheasant, which may have been the highlight of the hash!! Wetspot’s contribution to the words translated as ‘Foxtrot Oscar’ – many thanks!! The evening was clear, no wind, and apparently had some great views – which I missed, as I was looking out for Overshot’s rabbit. Flage was over-the-moon to be staying in her camper van – apparently room for four in the shower!!!

Happy birthdays to Olive, Barbie and Can’t Come (your’s truly missing out on a Down Down (well, I don’t drink anyway…but I sure made up for it over the weekend).

Down Downs: The hares (Bit of Ruff and Little Chef), Olive, Willy Waver, Lactaster and Flage

On On to SHIPLEY BRIDGE (violins out – I Can’t Come [but I do have two children])

Have fun y’all x

🏃 📸 🍻 You can enjoy highlights from the daylight Stokenham hash 1463 on 17 April 2024, and afterwards at The Tradesman’s Arms, by checking out Hash Flash’s purpose-built photo album on the SH4 Facebook Group 📸 🏃🍻


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HASH 1464 – SHIPLEY BRIDGE – 24 April, 2024

Shipley Bridge,
South Brent,
TQ10 9EL
What3Words: shunning.epidemics.youths

ON DOWN: Station House Hotel
South Brent
TQ10 9BE

Hares: Willy Waver and Badcock
RA: Overshot

For full details, please see the Hash 1464 event page on the SH4 Facebook Group.

Add your photos of the evening’s shenanigans at SHIPLEY BRIDGE (Weds 24 April, 2024) to the Hash 1464 photo album.

📝 If you’re the lucky Scribe at SHIPLEY BRIDGE tomorrow, please submit your edition of The Words to thewords@sh4.org.uk – by Sunday evening (28 April), ideally – thank-you-please! 📝

As advertised last week, SH4’s very own Boaty ran the London Marathon on Sunday, completing all 26.2 miles in a fantastic time, raising loads of money for his chosen charity (the NSPCC) – and with trademark beaming smile still very much in tact at the end (even if everything else was a bit tired and wobbly!).
Huge congratulations, Boaty!

If you would like to add to Boaty’s fundraising total for the Marathon, his JustGiving page for the event is still open – please just click on the link below. All donations very gratefully received!

Donation link: https://rb.gy/yotah7


Saturday 1st June, 2024


Start time: 1pm
Start location and car-parking: TBC
On Down: Brixham Yacht Club

🌈 Fancy dress in honour of Fallen Woman (bright colours!) 🌈

Devon A2B will be joining this special Memorial Hash

Cost: £5 (usual £2 A2B subs, plus a suggested donation of £3 to Pete’s Dragons suicide bereavement support charity)

Hares: Tyred Bunny & Triple Top

Stay tuned for further updates!


Saturday 21st September, 2024


🌟 🌟 🌟 Register here: https://bit.ly/RamboSM2024 🌟 🌟 🌟
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