Hash 998

Dean Prior (Wood)

Circle Up at 19:30 on 02/12/15

Dean Prior Wood
Dean Prior
TQ10 9DU

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Information About This Hash

On Down At: See Event Details For On Down Location!

Hare: G'Orgy P'Orgy
Hare: Piltdown Man
Scribe: TBC
Dogs Allowed On Hash?: Unknown

Hash Details

The Circle Up is NOT the On Down which is at the Packhorse Inn

Location Notes

Dogs Inside Venue?: Unknown
Venue: Public Venue
No Phone
No Phone


The Circle up is at a wide entrance to a track. Please to park here. This is NOT the Down Down Location.   This location is “a quarter of a mile north east of the Farm at TQ10 9DU”

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    • Hash 998 - Dean Prior (Wood) - 02/12/15 - 19:30