Dear all Hashers. Thank you for bearing with us over the past four months. The physical and online efforts every Wednesday have been amazing from you all.
As you know we as a committee have been waiting on a number of things to try and get official Hashing back in some form. I’m delighted to say that, along with other local Hash groups we feel we are now in a position to resume official hashing. The joint insurance policy for all the Hash groups in the area is planned to be restarted from August 1st. Therefore Hash 1250 will take place on Wednesday 5th August under the following conditions:
There will be a trail laid, from a pub, in the morning. We will then have a number of start times, likely 2.30pm, 5.30pm and 7.30pm. It is absolutely imperative that NO MORE than THIRTY persons are present at each start time. It would then be sensible for you to run in groups of maximum six people, keeping a sensible distance between groups. You should all have common sense and I’m sure can decide what a sensible distance is yourselves. No checks are to be kicked out and any gates to be negotiated should be opened and closed by the same person in each group.
In order for this to work properly we are going to need a sign up system so that we know when a start time is full. It would be much appreciated if those who are not working, for whatever reason, during the day would please attend one of the two earlier times and leave the 7.30pm one for those who are working.
I’m sure that there will be some among us who do not feel that they are personally happy to resume hashing at the moment. That is entirely understandable and their decision is fully respected, we look forward to seeing you as soon as possible. However it is not fair to deny those who are happy to attend. We are not the only Hash to be resuming, as previously said, and we feel we can do so taking into account current government advice and also local infection rates. Obviously if things are to change for the negative then we will pause again, but hopefully we may even be in a position to have even more of us together at some point. Lets get back running and supporting our local pubs in a safe and sensible way.

Hashers will need to state in advance what time they intend to run and for their run to be counted will also need to post to FB so that the On Sec and Hashberdash can record them, and also to provide material for that week’s scribe. Please contact Running Late if you are willing to lay a trail” ?

Rear Entry / Ross Porter