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Hash 1466 – RINGMORE

It all started with Gaffer causing carnage blocking the whole road then nicking Traffic’s parking space whilst she was reversing into it.

It was nice to see WGAS attend after his nasty accident and we all wish him a speedy recovery.

At the Circle Up, virgins were welcomed: Re-Entry’s brother, Josh, and two others; lots of notices, including the East Allington Fun Run – but no prize money, and no guarantee you will not be beaten by an eight-year-old!

On to the Hash: a lovely evening with a technical part thrown in just for Gaffer. Not sure if it was the wood with bluebells in or Goolie’s garden.

Willy Waver: no gentleman this evening, scrambling up through the woods shouting “Every man for himself!” leaving the poor Harriets to fend for themselves.

Olive, after a hasher told her to keep the sea to her right, and not knowing her left from her right – or her a*se from her elbow (Ed. Now, now, Wetspot…) – got lost.

Live Wire came across a moody cow on the hash and this time it wasn’t Marty (Ed. You’re on your own, WS!), it really was a cow – hence he came in five minutes ahead of the rest of the Shorts.

A lovely and much-welcomed Beer Stop: Ging Gang force-feeding cupcakes to everybody (Ed. to Stop the [effects of the] Beer…?). Can’t Come ravaged the food table, wolfing down three buns, crisps, sweets and six shots; Ching Chong doesn’t feed him, apparently! Dirty Nights, coming away from the Beer Stop, thought it was downhill all the way back to the car: one too many shots, I believe.

Back at the pub, Down Downs were given to:
• Goolie & Lo’T-Arse – Hares
• Jyde – not packing his running gear
• Virgin Claire
• Gaffer – just being inconsiderate (Ed. You can do better than that…)
• Flage – 400 run T-Shirt
• Nokkers – for just being annoying? (Ed. Erm, not had your tofu today, WS?)

🏃 📸 🍻 You can enjoy highlights from the sunshiney Ringmore hash 1466 on 8th May 2024, and afterwards at The Journey’s End, by checking out Hash Flash’s purpose-built photo album on the SH4 Facebook Group 📸 🏃🍻


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HASH 1467 DITTISHAM – 15 May, 2024

To complement Rubbery’s spontaneous new angle on Facebook ‘Hash event’ listings (he’s mixed the order up a bit, to keep you sharp), and as a little aide memoire re. submitting The Words (…), I thought I’d do something similar here:

📝 If you’re the lucky Scribe at DITTISHAM next week, please submit your edition of The Words to – by Sunday evening (19 May), ideally – TVM! 📝

Ham Lane Car Park

The Ferry Boat Inn
Manor Street
Dittisham, Dartmouth

Hares: Ching Chong & Can’t Come
RA: Overshot

– Please see photo, below.

Pub’s new fryers may not be up and running.
Order food in advance: call 01803 722368 or email:
Food can be ordered on the night, with a wait.


For full details, please see the Hash 1467 event page on the SH4 Facebook Group.

Add your photos of the evening’s shenanigans at DITTISHAM (Weds 15 May, 2024) to the Hash 1467 photo album (on Facebook).
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