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Verba per Dimuswitus

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Nullum numerus MCDXXX
Verba per Dimuswitus
Caeruleum nun secessus Nullam
Hares – Willy Waverus & Badus Cockus
RA – Rearas Entryas

So listening to Vernon Kaye and Zoe Ball on Radio 2, a current topic of conversation discussed
was, how often do men think about the Roman Empire. Well it turns out, quite a often !
4% of men aged 18 and older think about it most days, and 14% about once a month.

This I think is an interesting statistic, I am currently reading a factual novel ‘Hannibal Enemy of Rome’ by
author Ben Kane, and what a great read it is.
In 218 BC, Hannibal attacked Saguntum an ally of Rome in Hispania, sparking the second Punic War.
Hannibal then invaded northern Italy by crossing the Alps with more than 30,000 soldiers, 15,000 cavalry
and most famous of all 37 war elephants.

To me this was an amazing achievement, but what has it got to do with Hashing in South Brent on a fine
October evening ?

Well, the question rattling around my grey matter is, if Hannibal can move an entire army across the alps,
why then cannot Blue Nun navigate himself around a 6 mile hash without coming to grief and an
unfortunate ending.
The body count of Blue Nuns battlefield injuries currently stands at , two broken ankles and two torn
ankle ligaments, he clearly would have been no use in the Carthagian army and would have in all
probability been thrown off the closest mountain !

This day of all days was also his 20 year wedding anniversary, married to the long suffering Olive, if
nothing else, it will always remain memorable.
According to the information provided, it was also the day of Olives birth, a few years back in modern

So, wading through Rear Entry’s musings, and trying to decipher his micro writing, it appears to be a lean
news night primarily centred around Blue Nuns battlefield injuries.

Other notable mentions seemed to have gone to:

• Overshot coming across a full camouflaged sniper, and pleading with him to shoot Blue Nun and
put all the hash out of our misery.
Special mention must go here to the brave soldier Overshot, who despite falling over countless times during the coastal marathon, still turned up and completed the short hash, ignoring his obvious open fractures.

• Shaggy getting lost again and screaming about “going down” with Cant Come, so so many puns
but not enough time.

• Jyde and his dog Ollie remaining dry after completing the river crossing, this is either witchcraft
or the work of the God Neptune.

• Ching Chong getting lost yet again, this is clearly now a strategy to avoid buying the first round at
the bar.

• Olive for NOT getting lost again, in no short measure by having to help her injured spouse back to
the car.

• Something was mentioned regarding Know Nuts getting disoriented in the dark, oddly when I ran by
him and stopped to have a chat, his faculties appeared to be in full working order.

• Pidddler’s incessant moaning on the hash appeared to have upset Winnie the Poo. I actually
thought it was something to do with his current restraining order.

• Whisperer was also found stumbling around in the dark, as his head torch had shut down to one
lumen mode. He was kindly helped back to the finish by a very considerate hasher with a fully
functioning light source. Whisperer was later heard admitting, that although he had put in new
batteries into said head torch, he may have forgotten to charge said batteries.

The Station House was thanked for having us back again, it almost seemed like yesterday we were last

Down Downs were then awarded to:

Lucius Willy Waverus: Hare , great effort in providing adequate tripping hazards.
Quintus Bad Cockus: Hare, great effort in getting the normal suspects lost.
Brutus Bluenunus: Services to the NHS and private rehabilitation after care.
Livia Shaggus: Volunteering after torture, to undertake the unenviable position of words editor.
Horatus Spotwetus: Helping his brother Gitus Lazius back safely onto the trail, and for tripping up
an unnamed hasher.
Caecilla Ching Chongus: Services to GPS navigation and fare dodging
Ut in Halwell

Nullam numerus MCDXXXI

(Authors disclaimer, all latin spelling errors are the responsibility of google translate)

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